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OR-A01: Applications 1

CPS005: The Concentration of Health Care Expenditures in the U.S. and Predictions of Future Spending
Steven Cohen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS175: Generalized Bernoulli Model for Correlated Binary Responses with an Application to Child Nutrition Data in Bangladesh.
Mohammad Bhuyan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS182: Rare disease and other assumptions in statistical analysis of genetic data: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Shili Lin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS292: Relaxed cure rate models
Josemar Rodrigues       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS424: Is There a Housing Bubble or a Quality Boom in Turkey's Evidence from Hedonic Price Adjustment
Timur Hulagu       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS447: Indirect estimation of a simultaneous limited dependent variable model for patient costs and outcome
Gunnar Rosenqvist       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS594: Vaccination Coverage in India: A Small Area Estimation Approach
Santanu Pramanik       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-A02: Applications 2

CPS133: The Impact of Export Diversification on Economic Growth: A Comparative Study
Embareka Abouellial       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS220: The Argentinean North Central Railway, a State funded line: Some results about its economic performance for the period from 1889 to 1920.
Maria Abril       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS282: Generalized linear mixed models: an application to fungi data
Christopher Pádua       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS285: Impact of the Mining and Quarrying Activity on other Economic Activities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Hanan Al Marzouqi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS520: Modeling Strategies for Prediction of Hedge Fund Failure: A Comparison of Parametric and Semi-Parametric Approaches
Jose Faias       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS613: Vocational Training, occupational requirements and labor earnings in Brazil
Marina Aguas       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS673: Quantile regression modelling of some Brazilian anthropometric data
Luna Hidalgo       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-A03: Applications 3

CPS036: Spatial Modeling of Disparity in Economic Activity and Unemployment in Southern and Oromia Regional States of Ethiopia
Berisha Gelebo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS494: Text Data Mining in a Geospatial Metadata Catalog
Fatima Santos       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS542: A Markov-switching approach for investigating stock market dynamics
Luca De Angelis       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS576: The Distributional Impacts of Large School Size on Learning Outcomes in Senegal
Oswald Koussihouede       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS687: A graphical overview of social inequality in South Africa Tsiresy Pierre
Tsiresy Pierre Bernard       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS697: Geo- Additive Modelling of Family Size in Nigeria
Oluwayemisi Alaba       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS701: Link Between the Default Rate and the Economic System
Lao Kenao       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-A09: Applications 9

CPS122: Determinants of Malnutrition among Under-Five Children in Nakaseke and Nakasongola Districts, Uganda
Gilbert Habaasa       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS131: Do economic conditions support the public finances in Morocco?
Amal Mansouri       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS148: School holidays in Morocco: Evaluation of an atypical calendar effect with seasonal adjustment approach
Ali Elguellab       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS433: Gender Wage Gap in Morocco: is there any evidence for discrimination?
Mustapha Ziroili       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS435: Decent work in Morocco, what progress and what challenges?
Jamal Guennouni       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS668: A Model of Economic Indicators Influence on Banks Capital Structure: Evidence from South Africa
Thembalihle Ndlovu       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-A11: Applications 11

CPS284: Detecting Nonlinear Granger Causality via the kernelization of Partial Directed Coherence
Lucas Massaroppe       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS345: On the application of a new nonparametric estimator for the off-pulse interval of a light curve using a computer package
Willem Schutte       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS529: Analysis of Brazil's presidential election via Bayesian spatial quantile regression
Bruno Santos       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS670: Marital Dissolution in South Africa: Analysis of Census 2011 Data.
Leonard Ahuejere       View:   Abstract      

CPS688: Eciency Analysis of Electricity Distribution by South African Municipalities: A Cost Frontier Approach
Aviwe Gqwaka      

OR-B01: Methods and Theory 1

CPS012: Four Problems of the Discriminant Analysis
Shuichi Shinmura       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS012: Four Problems of the Discriminant Analysis
Shuichi Shinmura       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS012: Four Problems of the Discriminant Analysis
Shuichi Shinmura       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS012: Four Problems of the Discriminant Analysis
Shuichi Shinmura       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS109: Selecting Models in both Location-Scale and Non-Location-Scale Families with Goodness-of-Fit Techniques
Claudia Castro - Kuriss       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS178: Hierarchical Clustering for Mixed Feature-Type Complex Data
Cheng Wang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS208: Some Procedures For Identifying Hotspots
Rajendra Gurao       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS211: Robust Bayesian model selection for heavy-tailed linear regression using finite mixtures
Marcos Prates       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS527: Functional clustering of mouse ultrasonic vocalization data
Xiaoling Dou       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B02: Methods and Theory 2

CPS013: Upper bounds for the relative entropy of the squared norm of a Gaussian projection onto a convex cone
Ivan Nourdin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS053: Moment Determinacy of Products of Non-identically Distributed Random Variables
Gwo Dong Lin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS058: Exponential stopping of jump-diffusion processes and applications
Hailiang Yang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS092: Data-dependent parameter choice for a conditional kernel density estimate.
Ann-kathrin Bott       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS112: Hyperspectral Unmixing with Spatial Dependence
Chia Chye Yee       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS232: The Multivariate Saddlepoint Approximation To The Distribution Of Estimators. A General Approach
Juan Carlos Abril       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS486: Co-integration Rank and the Lag Order Determination in Heteroskedastic VAR Models
Giuseppe Cavaliere       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B03: Methods and Theory 3

CPS018: A flexible Zero-Augmented Generalized Gamma Mixed Effects Regression Calibration model to Correct for Measurement Error in Episodically Consumed Food
George Agogo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS199: Knot deletion for robust penalized spline regression
Steffen Liebscher       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS204: A generalized finite mixture model
Jang Schiltz       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS233: Box-Cox symmetric distributions and applications to nutritional data
Silvia Ferrari       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS283: Behavior of binned kernel density estimators for non-stationary random fields
Joseph Ngatchou-wandji       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS320: On Modelling Count Data from a Discrete Decreasing Distribution
Chew Chee       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS377: A flexible approach to high-dimensional conditional density estimation
Rafael Izbicki       View:   Abstract      

OR-B04: Methods and Theory 4

CPS052: Robust Estimation of a Multilevel Model with Structural Change
Erniel Barrios       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS093: A bias-correction in Rotnitzky-Jewell criteria for improving the approach of correlation structure selection in generalized estimating equations
Ajmery Jaman       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS363: Ridge Regression for the Functional Concurrent Model
Tito Manrique       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS421: Quantile-based generalized logistic distribution
Brenda Omachar       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS444: Generalized Method of Moments Estimator Based On Semiparametric Quantile Regression Imputation
Cindy Yu       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS592: oncentration function for skew-symmetric models with application to Bayesian robustness
Marcia Branco       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B05: Methods and Theory 5

CPS201: Unifi ed Hypothesis Testing for Bayesian and Frequentist Approaches
Ivair Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS259: Multivariate Log-CFUSN Distribution: Bayesian inference and properties
Rosangela Loschi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS265: Tests for the equality of conditional variance functions in nonparametric regression
Juan-carlos Pardo-fernandez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS428: Pairwise and Other Post-hoc Tests of Spatial Clustering Based on NNCTs
Elvan Ceyhan       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B06: Methods and Theory 6

CPS184: Weighted entropy-power inequality
Salimeh Yasaei Sekeh       View:   Abstract      

CPS271: Forecasting high frequency data with complex multi-layer seasonality using covariates
Shubhabrata Das       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS297: Extending the General Linear Model for analyzing fMRI data to a constrained Multivariate Regression Model
Rajesh Nandy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS306: MGARCH models: Tradeoff between feasibility and dynamic dependencies in volatilities and covariances
Luiz Hotta       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS321: Wild Bootstrap Tests for Autocorrelation in Vector Autoregressive Models
Niklas Ahlgren       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS702: Space-Time Generalized Additive Models
Ali Mosammam       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B07: Methods and Theory 7

CPS332: A normal mixture inverse gamma approach to sparse factor analysis
Sara Fontanella       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS337: Layered 2D ray-averaging approximation
Wilfrid Kendall       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS375: Another look at estimating parameters in systems of ordinary differential equations via regularization
Ivan Vujacic       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS388: Assessing the impact of variable scaling on projection methods in the analysis of spectral data.
Jean-pierre Labuschagne       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS468: Quadratic forms on complex elliptical random variables and its applications
Johann Ferreira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS512: Belief propagation for inference in linear-Gaussian models with applications in hydrology
Gerrit Schoups       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS699: Bayesian ordination of species sampling data from microbiome studies
Sergio Bacallado       View:   Abstract      

OR-B08: Methods and Theory 8

CPS239: Generalized Gaussian Process Regression Model for Non-Gaussian Functional Data
Jian Shi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS472: Quantifying the within-group contribution to the variability of count traits
Clarice Demétrio       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS532: Approximating the full likelihood for marginal 2 x J contingency tables and case-control data.
Markus Stein       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS556: Non-homogeneous Poisson process with nonparametric frailty
Vaclav Slimacek       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS560: Optimal inference via confidence distributions for two-by-two tables modelled as Poisson pairs: fixed and random effects
Céline Cunen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS579: Selecting Tuning Parameters for sparse regression models via Generalized Information Criterion
Fumitake Sakaori       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS621: Variance component estimation on Competing risk analysis with masked causes and gaussian random components: A simulation study.
Rafael Maia       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-B09: Methods and Theory 9

CPS183: Statistical analysis for a distribution of a random walk on the plane
Seng Huat Ong       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS210: Dimensionality Reduction for Large Portfolios
Svetlana Borovkova       View:   Abstract      

CPS287: A Review of Dispersion Models Generated by Tilting
Bent Jørgensen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS399: A law of large numbers for the 2-dimensional Brownian semistationary process with stochastic correlation
Andrea Granelli       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS446: Choosing the weights for the logarithmic pooling of probability distributions
Luiz Max Carvalho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS631: Expected Shortfall of Quadratic Portfolios in Non-normal Distributions
Juan Arismendi Zambrano       View:   Abstract      

OR-B14: Methods and Theory 14

CPS188: Incremental calculation for multivariate statistics of compositional data
Yuan Wei       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS188: Incremental calculation for multivariate statistics of compositional data
Yuan Wei       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS403: Mixture of exponentiated Pareto model through Beta type generator
Seitebaleng Makgai       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS441: Multilevel modeling of tabular counts via Deconstructed Maximum Likelihood
Jarod (yan Liang) Lee       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS485: Transmuted generalized
Robert King       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS610: Parametric or nonparametric: the FIC approach for stationary time series
Gudmund Horn Hermansen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS672: Resampling techniques for cyclostationary time series. Long memory, weak dependence and heavy tails perspective.
Jacek Leskow       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS704: Localized/Shrinkage kriging-Prediction in a Bayesian, non-stationary Gaussian random field
Zeytu Gashaw Asfaw       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-C01: Statistical Computing 1

CPS061: Neural Network Approach to Estimating Conditional Quantile Polynomial Distributed lag (QPDL) model with an application to Rubber Price returns
Kwadwo Nyantakyi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS262: Recursive bootstrap L1-type regularized regression modeling based on parametric statistical test
Heewon Park       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS351: An Assessment of CCP Approach in Statistical Learning
Artür Manukyan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS657: Linear programming for detecting separation in polytomous logistic regression
Inácio Andruski-guimaráes       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS659: On the choice of initial seed values for the Lloyd's k-means algorithm
Kalev Pärna       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS689: Biplots for Sparse Partial Least Squares
Opeoluwa Oyedele       View:   Abstract      

OR-C02: Statistical Computing 2

CPS242: Internet Traffic Classification using a Markov Model and Kullback-Leibler Divergence
Jinsoo Hwang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS419: Simultaneous Dimension Reduction and Prediction Optimization: Method and Application to High Dimensional Data
Joseph Ryan Lansangan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS482: Consistency of principal component scores in visualizations of high-dimensional data
Kristoffer H. Hellton       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS487: Classi cation with imperfect supervisor: an iterative approach
Luciano Nieddu       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS690: Meta-analysis and big data in the case of binary data Stephan Morgenthaler*
Stephan Morgenthaler       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-C03: Statistical Computing 3

CPS121: Gibbs Sampling for Double Seasonal Moving Average Models
Ayman Amin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS127: Bandwidth selection in kernel estimation of relative risk
Ya-mei Chang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS308: Deviance residuals based sparse PLS and sparse kernel PLS regression for censored data.
Philippe Bastien       View:    Paper

CPS698: LIBIRT: an open source program for Item Response Theory
Abdous Belkacem       View:   Abstract      

OR-D01: Statistical Education 1

CPS004: Functional Training and Its Impact on Development The Statistical Awareness: Prospective from Egypt
Waleed Mohammed       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS618: Latent growth and statistical literacy. Some evidence from Italy
Emma Zavarrone       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS629: Two activities to improve statistics courses for future mathematics teachers
Marcos Magalhães       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS694: A comparative study of statistical inference from an educational point of view
Manfred Borovcnik       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-E01: Business & Industry 1

CPS067: Supersaturated Split-Plot Designs
Kalliopi Mylona       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS198: Economic efficiency of the AOQL sampling plans for inspection by variables when the remainder of rejected lots is inspected
Nikola Kasprikova       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS243: Design of clustered sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (cSMART)
Palash Ghosh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS267: Bayesian bootstrap inference for the ROC surface
Vanda Inácio De Carvalho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS268: Two new defective distributions based on the Marshall-Olkin extension
Ricardo Rocha       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS277: Optimal Designs for a Logistic Dose-Response Model with Restricted Dose Levels
Karabi Nandy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS374: Statistical Quality Control with Functional Data. An application to Energy Efficiency
Salvador Naya       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-E02: Business & Industry 2

CPS104: Model of fatigue failure due to equicorrelated multiple cracks using extended Birnbaum-Saunders distribution
Anuradha Roy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS137: An Updated Bayesian Reliability Analysis Based On Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Data Via Gamma Processes
Tsai-hung Fan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS159: Prediction of Survival Times of Censored Items in a Simple Step-Stress Model with Progressive Type II Censoring
Indrani Basak       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS286: Weibull Approximation to a Competing Risks Model With Two Independent Weibull Distributed Failure Modes
Sergio Yáñez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS335: A Nonparametric Multivariate Scatter-Based Ranking Method with Applications to Biomedical Research and Industrial Quality Management
Stefano Bonnini       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS397: Model selection curves for survival analysis with accelerated failure time models
Jamil Karami       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS628: Tests for Monotonic and Nonmonotonic Trend in Time Censored Recurrent Event Data
Jan Terje Kvaløy       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-F01: Official Statistics 1

CPS098: Measuring The ICT Through Satellite Account: Malaysia's Experience
Mazreha Ya'akub       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS205: Application of an alternative method for compiling business demography statistics of establishments
Masao Takahashi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS352: Water, Sewage and Garbage: what do we want to know with the household surveys of IBGE?
Sonia Maria Oliveira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS402: Analysis of the dynamics behind the take-up of welfare benefits among young people by means of combined administrative registers
Vesa Ylönen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS426: Clustering of demographic structures: Observations on US counties for 2000 and 2010 and on Brazilian municipalities for 2010
Simona Korenjak-cerne       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS559: Integrated Structural Business Surveys - The Brazilian Experience
Priscila Koeller       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS700: Implementation of SNA 2008 International Standard in Ukrainian Statistical Practice
Tetiana Motoryna       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-F02: Official Statistics 2

CPS105: New Directions in Anonymization: Permutation Paradigm, Verifiability and Transparency
Josep Domingo-ferrer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS264: Identity disclosure risk control in microdata release via post-randomization
Tapan Nayak       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS322: Evidence Based Anonymization
Nobuaki Hoshino       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS328: Scoping study for a Brazilian Rolling Census: options to spread data collection over time
Alvaro Frota       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS414: Improving Access to Official Statistical Data - Experiences of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Zoltán Vereczkei       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS669: A New Method of Generating Synthetic Data for Public Use Files
Pedro Campos       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-F03: Official Statistics 3

CPS336: Reform of the German System of Household Statistics
Thomas Riede       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS356: Measuring well-being in Portugal: weights and resilience
Paulo Gomes       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS455: Standardisation in the European Statistical System ? the Process of ESS Standardisation
Csaba Abry       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS540: Modern Technologies in Omani Censuses
Khalifa Albarwani       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS597: Current Development In The Compilation Of Malaysia's Statistics Of International Trade In Services
Kanageswary Ramasamy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS622: Relationships network for viability of National Statistical Systems - Motivations for a future study
Marcia Quintslr       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-F08: Official Statistics 8

CPS260: Some thoughts on Undercount Problem
Bikas Sinha       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS323: Alternative Approaches To Knowledge Discovery in Official Statistics
Thanyani Maremba       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS389: What is wrong with official fishery statistics? Evidence from tuna catch data from the Gulf of Guinea
Sitsofe Tsagbey       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS506: The use of indicators to meet users need: The performance indicators in transport sector
Bouazza Bouchkhar       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS580: Age reporting in South African datasets A Study of the quality of age reporting in selected South African Household-based Surveys, from 2000 ? 2014
Liesbeth Roberts       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS583: Statistical coherence of educational attainment in population censuses: IPUMS-International integrated samples compared for 15 African countries
Lara Cleveland       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS696: Improving of the Reliability of Ukrainian Poverty Indicators Estimation Using Auxiliary Information
Volodymyr Sarioglo       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-G01: Survey Statistics 1

CPS028: Analysis of Survey Data under Informative Sampling Design and Nonignorable Nonresponse Mechanism
Abdulhakeem Eideh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS144: A generalized exponential growth model under adaptive cluster sampling
Kelly Cristina Gonçalves       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS387: A Design-Based Approach for Multivariate Hypothesis Testing in Complex Surveys
Leonardo Trujillo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS442: Estimation of the distribution of income from survey data, adjusting for compatibility with other sources.
Victor Bustos De La Tijera       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS514: Tail Index Estimation Based on Survey Data
Bertail Patrice       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS517: A heteroskedastic model for estimating house effect from Italian pre-electoral poll data
Nicola Torelli       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-G02: Survey Statistics 2

CPS068: Documenting the statistical editing process, a case study of the Luxembourg Financial Accounts
Ingber Roymans       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS150: Bayesian Sample Size Calculation in Two Arms Randomized Clinical Trials
Yufan Zhao       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS150: Bayesian Sample Size Calculation in Two Arms Randomized Clinical Trials
Yufan Zhao       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS302: Univariate versus multivariate modeling of panel data, specification issues and goodness of fit testing
Juan Carlos Bou       View:   Abstract      

CPS384: Optimum Strati cation Using Multiple Auxiliary Variables with 3P Weibull Distributions
Karuna Reddy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS392: Distribution Free Methods for Longitudinal Survey Data Models
Marcel Vieira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS504: Efficient Small Area Estimation When Covariates Are Measured With Error Using Simulation Extrapolation
Trijya Singh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS561: An Optimization Approach Applied to Optimal Allocation in Stratified Sampling
Augusto Fadel       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-G03: Survey Statistics 3

CPS212: Nonparametric Convex Imputation and Its Application
Philip Cheng       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS228: Multiple Imputation using Regularised Iterative Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Johané Nienkemper-swanepoel       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS230: Effect of Nonresponse Sources and Call Backs on the Estimation of Survey Nonresponse Bias
Öztas Ayhan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS339: Empirical likelihood confidence intervals in the presence of unit non-response
Yves Berger       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS452: Are trajectories of dataset representativeness during survey data collection generalizable? Evidence from the 2011 Census Non-Response Link Study.
Jamie Moore       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS633: Assessing Interviewer Effects on Nonresponse Bias
Denize Barbosa       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-G06: Survey Statistics 6

CPS047: Using the whole cohort in the analysis of countermatched samples
Claudia Rivera       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS391: Variance Estimation in Multi-phase Calibration
Noam Cohen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS490: Small area population estimation: Estimating population size at ward level in 2014 in South Africa
Eric Udjo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS656: Cartographic and population of census tracts use to design a hantavirus serum survey.
Roberto Dusi       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-H01: Environmetrics 1

CPS173: Construction of flood frequency curves in the lower Limpopo River basin of Mozambique using Bayesian and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
Daniel Maposa       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS405: Comparative assessment of global horizontal radiation and temperature data for photovoltaic plant applications
Chantelle Clohessy       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS451: assessing the impacts of climate change on rainfed wheat production in Hamedan Province
Ali Mosammam       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS489: A model for collocation uncertainty of atmospheric pro les
Alessandro Fassò       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS498: Clustering Wind Speed Data by Hyperbolic Smoothing Clustering Method
Vinícius Xavier       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS565: Deriving minimal sea surface temperature monitoring networks from remote sensing data using coherency analysis
Francesco Finazzi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS611: Statistical considerations on reducing measurement network size for estimating pollution in rainfall in the UK
Rognvald Smith       View:   Abstract       Paper

OR-H02: Environmetrics 2

CPS014: Extreme Value Analysis of Global Temperature Anomalies
Elizabeth Maharaj       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS164: One step toward rethinking alternative MDG water accessibility indicator and its health issues
Ligane Sene       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS229: Robust heritability estimation in plant studies
Vanda Lourenço       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS404: Spatial Modelling of Fish Counts in a Stream Network
João Batista Pereira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS413: Uncertainty evaluation for functional kriging: an application to the Canadian temperature data set
Rosaria Ignaccolo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS572: Non-uniformity test for directional data of Japanese active faults
Yoshitomo Akimoto       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-A06: Applications 6

CPS029: Triffin s dilemma and the Instability of the International Monetary System
Roberto José Andrés Kalauz       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS368: Impacts on life expectancy due to progressive reduction of deaths from homicides and traffic accidents in the urban areas of Brazil.
Everlane Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS564: Can information about hospital mortality improve overall mortality figures?
Antony Stevens       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS564: Can information about hospital mortality improve overall mortality figures?
Antony Stevens       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS329: Comparison of Series Prediction for agricultural productivity using Hierarchical Bayesian Space-time and ARIMA models.
Gislaine Duarte       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS396: Age of smoking onset among South African youth: Results from the First South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Khangelani Zuma       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS595: Disabilities people: Investigation with use of the stereotype ordinal regression, variables and models selection for Brazil and S?o Paulo, Distrito Federal and Roraima states.
Paulo Oliveira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS156: Model-based peak alignment of metabolomic profiling from comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography mass spectrometry
Jaesik Jeong       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS161: Exposure to Secondhand Smoke at Home among Children in 21 Countries: Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), 2008-2013
Mohan Krishna       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS400: Latent class models for childhood obesity
Corrado Crocetta       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS596: Registered or Unregistered: Factors Associated with Registration and Certification of Births in Ghana
Fidelia Dake       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS281: Role of Foreign Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in the process of Open Economy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
Qais Aljunaibi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS417: Effect of acarbose intake on postpandrial glycemia in a single rat - a nonlinear mixed effects model
Paulo Pereira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS658: Association of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs use by early adolescents in Argentina with home-level and school-level socio-economic status
Adriana Pérez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS293: Nonparametric Item Response Theory and Cluster Analysis to study patterns of Information and Communication Technologies Adoption in Brazil companies
Emerson Santos       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS445: Polynomial curves of cardiac dysfunction in rats with aortic stenosis
Maria Cecília Evangelista       View:   Abstract      

CPS295: Comparative Studies in Brazilian Metropolitan Cities regarding the National Consumer's Prices Index: a Multivariate Statistical Analysis from 2012 to 2014
Bruna Freitas Costa       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS459: Mapping QTLs for Grain Yield in Maize: A Bayesian Approach Using Reversible Jump MCMC
Elisabeth Toledo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS298: Cluster analysis combined with AMMI model and bootstrap resampling: application in soybean with insect control
Priscila Faria       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS477: EU and non-EU researchers International mobility: A random intercept proportional odds model
Matilde Bini       View:   Abstract      

CPS318: Selection of regression model for prediction of maximal daily pavement temperatures at Awbari in Libya
Emilija Nikolic-doric       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS510: Recreation, transportation or labor saving? Examining the association between household asset ownership and body mass index among Ghanaian women
Fidelia Dake       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS319: HCA and PCA in study of structure property relationships of newly synthesized hydantoins and its molecular descriptors
Zagorka Lozanov-crvenkovic       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS523: Quantifying the impact of extreme events on commodity currencies
Fernanda Fuentes       View:   Abstract      

PO-A07: Applications 7

CPS025: Analysis of Dynamic Pupil with Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Marcela D?urso Villar       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS466: Improvement In The Estimation Of Agriculture Value Added -Theoretical Model
Gabriel Simbila       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS587: Longitudinal Data Analysis Regarding Memory Loss (Amnesia) In Rats Submitted To Cerebral Ischemia And Treated With Fish Oil
Matheus Henrique Dal Ribeiro       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS415: Visualization of spatial and paneled data for reason-specified suicide data by prefecture in Japan
Takafumi Kubota       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS577: Factorial Analysis for Forced Migration in Colombia
Carlos Mantilla Duarte       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS488: A measure of effectiveness of treatments based on Bayesian logistic regression models: an application to Agriculture
Danilo Alvares       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS640: Bayesian Estimation for Mixture of Simplex Distribution with Unknown Number of Components: Human Development Index Analysis in Brazil
Rosineide Paz       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS123: A Statistical Research on China Eldercare Service: Take Haining City as Example
Yongmao Dong       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS154: How the Peoples in Rural Areas in The Middle of Amazonia's Heart Live
Wellington Pereira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS502: Goodness of fit and precision of the Graded Response Model estimates of a psychometric scale at varying number of categories
Yuliana Mora Cedeño       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS647: Longitudinal Data Impact Analysis of the Brazilian Bolsa Fam?lia Social Welfare Programme
Tamires Coelho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS180: Analysis on macro economic factors affecting working hour and consumption in Korean economy
Heekyung Son       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS503: Cure Fraction Using Mixture Models On The Modified Weibull Distribution With An Application To Gastric Cancer Data
Marcos Peres       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS649: Brazilian Admission Exam for the Diplomatic Career: an Application of the Principal Components Analysis
Cauan Cardoso       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS215: Nutrition mapping in Morocco
Abdeljaouad Ezzrari       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS508: Canonical correlation for characterize relation between sensory panel and electronic nose, using different bovine muscles
Olga Filippini       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS661: Using Negative Binomial Regression Model to minimize over dispersion an application on woman labor force data
Reem Elsybaey       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS334: A Spatial Analysis of South African Secondary School's Performance
Arulsivanathan Naidoo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS515: Statistical Issues in the Analysis of Data from RNA-Seq Experiments
David Rocke       View:   Abstract      

CPS341: The marital status of South Africans,a spatial analysis
Gaongalelwe Phakedi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS519: Modeling longevity risk ? the central European case
Grazyna Trzpiot       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS341: The marital status of South Africans,a spatial analysis
Gaongalelwe Phakedi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS562: Modeling the resilience in elderly workers
Rafaela Pereira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS367: Intergenerational social mobility in Morocco
Abdelkader Teto       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS566: Commitment of Brazilian municipalities with the Millennium Development Goals by a model of the Item Response Theory
Mira Carvalho Nascimento       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-A08: Applications 8

CPS165: Innovation as a competitive differential based on investments in R&D by GII countries: A contributing to the global efficiency as to the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
Paulo Bezerra       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS646: Application of nonlinear m
Gerardo Cueto       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS643: Multinomial regressions to identify phenotypes in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Guaraci Requena       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS203: Evaluation an association study and spatial clustering methods applied to DNA data
Makoto Tomita       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS275: A Non Parametric Approach to Estimating Joint Maternal and Child Survival
Albert Luguterah       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS409: Modeling Breast Cancer screening data using triple interaction with Structured Additive Regression (STAR) models
Elisa Duarte       View:   Abstract      

CPS437: Measurement of multidimensional child poverty in Morocco 2000-2011 Methodology and Results
Abdeljaouad Ezzrari       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS499: Data Analysis Athropometric Facial - A Study Non Randomized
Brunno Sousa Ramos       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS551: Comparison of distributions Log Normal, Weibull and Exponential using HIV data.
Vinicius Raniero Angelo       View:    Paper

CPS599: Dialysate calcium concentrations in hemodialysis - a linear mixed effects model
Isolde Previdelli       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS600: Modelling cortisol data in Brazilian children using Bayesian linear mixed-effects models
José Gomes       View:   Abstract      

PO-B11: Methods and Theory 11

CPS536: Bayesian matrix variate elliptical model analysis
Janet Van Niekerk       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS003: Inference for the bivariate Birnbaum-Saunders distribution
Luis Benites Sánchez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS516: A new framework for extending the Wishart distribution
Andriette Bekker       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS040: Matching pseudocounts for interval estimation of binomial and Poisson parameters
Haruhiko Ogasawara       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS570: Properties of a class of residuals in the zero adjusted inverse Gaussian regression models
Juliana Rodrigues       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS117: Proportional reversed hazards model for discrete data
Deemat Mathew       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS571: Stacking Prediction for Multiclass Outcomes
Hicham Nocairi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS170: Geoestatistical Mixed Beta Regression: A Bayesian approach
Jorge Figueroa-zúñiga       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS582: Maximum Likelihood and Interval Arithmetic
Ronald Van Nooijen       View:   Abstract      

CPS172: An objective Bayesian approach to tolerance intervals for the Poisson distribution
Lizanne Raubenheimer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS602: Modelling the kurtosis of spatiotemporal processes
Renata Bueno       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS246: Multivariate log generalized Birnbaum-Saunders regression models for metal forming processes
Carolina Marchant       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS612: Can the Bartlett test really detect the heterogeneity of variances?
Crysttian Paixão       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS255: An application of a robust regression method based on Gaussian kernel function
Adenice Ferreira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS652: Quasi-likelihood estimation of GARCH models with missing values
Marcos Cascone       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS653: The Full Bayesian Significance Test for marginal homogeneity in two-way contingency tables
Helton Carvalho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS311: Marginal probabilities and point estimation for conditionally specified logistic regression
Curtis Miller       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS492: Some convergence theorems for bivariate exponential dispersion models
Gabriela Boggio       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS655: Multivariate log-Birnbaum-Saunders regression models
Germán Moreno - Arenas       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-B12: Methods and Theory 12

CPS475: A restricted variable dispersion beta regression model: a frequentist approach
Luis Grajales       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS034: Multistate models in soccer games
Freddy Lopez Quintero       View:   Abstract      

CPS467: Functional linear models driven by point processes
José De Miranda       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS693: Characterization, properties and applications of gpot-normal distributions
Lila Ricci       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS501: Mixture models applied to heterogeneous populations
Carolina Cavalcante       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS069: The Conditional Distribution of the sum of Independent and non Identically Distributed Binary Answers in Item Response Models
Jorge González       View:   Abstract      

CPS213: Influence Diagnostic for Semiparametric Partially Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models
Robson Jose Mariano Machado       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS521: The Influence of Multicollinearity in Binary Logistic Regression and Additive Models
Mustafa Cavus       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS303: On the estimation of exponential regression models: an integrated GMM approach
Joaquim Ramalho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS521: The Influence of Multicollinearity in Binary Logistic Regression and Additive Models
Mustafa Cavus       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS305: Structural Equation Modelling as an alternative to Multiple Linear Regression Models
Miriane Zucoloto       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS526: Influence of link function in the estimation and prediction for the beta regression model with random intercept.
Ana Zerbeto       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS548: A quantile-based generalized logistic distribution possessing skewness-invariant measures of kurtosis
Paul Van Staden       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS312: Consistent Variable Selection in Functional Linear Regression Model
Julian Collazos       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS324: A k-sample median test based on the length of confidence interval for median survival time with right-censored data
Yun Chan Chi       View:   Abstract      

CPS634: Evaluation of the parameter estimators behavior in a nonlinear model with misspecified random effects distribution
Mara Catalano       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS326: Verification of absolute nonsingularity of 3-tensors through positivity of a single variate characteristic function
Toshio Sakata       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS635: Markov regime switching GARCH model for financial series
Willian Duran       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS370: Some remarks on tests of multivariate normality based on measures of shape
Czeslaw Domanski       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS639: Assimilation of functional magnetic resonance imaging data using the Extended Kalman Filter.
Alice Moraes       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-C05: Statistical Computing 5

CPS218: Item Response Theory in WinBUGS using BayesianModeling software
Francisco Torres-avilés       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS505: Retrieval Ordering of Documents Using the Entropy Distribution by IPF Algorithm
Jung Jin Lee       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS226: Confidence interval of log odds ratio for the posterior probabilities under heteroscedastic multivariate normal groups for large dimension
Takayuki Yamada       View:   Abstract      

CPS296: Bayesian Estimation of Bipartite Matchings for Record Linkage
Mauricio Sadinle       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS355: Forecasting time series with SSA.Boot procedure
Paula Maçaira       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS373: Estimating dependent Binomial mixture models through reversible jump MCMC
Daiane Zuanetti       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS418: Robust Principal Components with Fast and Robust Bootstrap: An application to populated areas in Santa Fe
Fernanda Mendez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS448: GEA-R: suite of R programs for Genotype x Environment Analyses
Mateo Vargas Hernandez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS474: Some random projection based hypothesis tests.
Leonardo Moreno       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS476: Fuzzy Clustering Time Series based on structural components
Ledys Salazar Gomez       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-D03: Statistical Education 3

CPS149: Students And Their Attitudes Towards The Learning Of Mathematics: A Case Study Of Owerri Municipal Local Government Area.
Chinonso Obichili       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS524: The use of Moodle and R environments as support for a probability and statistics course: an experience in a teacher training program
Elisa Henning       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS614: Item selection criteria for Logistic Positive Exponent model-based Computerized Adaptive Testing
Thales Ricarte       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS626: An experience of the statistical learning in elementary school
Claudia Regina Lima       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-E04: Business & Industry 4

CPS033: Planning and Control of Projects with a Service Level and Different Types of Precedence Relationships Using Stochastic Simulation
David Muñoz       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS473: Analysis of Survival Data Using Hypertabastic Models
Karan Singh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS465: A new non-default rate regression model for credit scoring data: An application to a Brazilian bank personal loan portfolio data
Gladys Barriga       View:   Abstract      

CPS066: Adaptive Geostatistical Designs (AGD)
Michael Chipeta       View:   Abstract      

CPS569: Statistical Process Control Charts: Bibliometric Analysis of Publications in Brazil
Thaliane Freitas       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS299: Optimum designs with leverage control
Marcelo Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS607: Shewhart and EWMA Control Charts in the analysis of water consumption in buildings
Andrea Konrath       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS378: Robust Statistical Methods for Applications in Quality Control
María Allasia       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS608: Optimal Periodic Maintenance Policy under the Arithmetic Reduction Age Imperfect Repair Model
Maria Luiza Toledo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS385: Active Learning Procedure via Sequential Experimental Design and Uncertainty Sampling
Eunsik Park       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS641: A visit design of a data collector robot in a wireless sensor network
Márcia Barbian       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS420: Control charts in anticoagulant treatment
Susana Martins       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS677: Modeling and forecasting the default rate over 90 days in the presence of explanatory Variables
Guilherme Zubatch Da Cunha       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS420: Control charts in anticoagulant treatment
Susana Martins       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS420: Control charts in anticoagulant treatment
Susana Martins       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS460: A New lifetime model for multivariate survival data with a surviving fraction
Vicente Cancho       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-F06: Official Statistics 6

CPS023: Standardization and quality metadata of statistical survey Comparison between (SDMX- DDI) Standards
Waleed Abd-elkhalik       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS443: Multidimensional measure of social cohesion A benchmarking analysis on a panel of countries
Khalid Soudi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS381: Saving-Investment Imbalance and the Public Debt
Masako Tsujimura       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS090: A Study on the Modernization Indicator System of the Service Industry
Gang Wei       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS481: Measure of multidimensional poverty Robustness of indices to weighting schemes
Khalid Soudi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS141: The build of a statistical register based on administrative data for the production of international migration statistics in the Andean Community countries
Jinob De La Cruz       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS491: Statistical use of administrative records: The single register of cases of violence against women
Verónica Budich       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS174: Diversified services of social protection statistics in Hungary: challenges + answers = good practice?
Eszter Németh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS500: How relevant is communicating with the media to National Statistical Offices: the IBGE case
Luiz Albuquerque Bello       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS181: Current status of data provision to international Organization, usage monitoring and improvement management plan in Korea
Youn Young Park       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS557: The New Standards of Measuring Employment and Possible Effects on the Turkish Labour Market Indicators
Tuna Kemali       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS247: Design, Population Coverage and Results of the Regional Health and Nutrition Survey on Preschool Children from Oil States of Southeastern Mexico
Fidel Ulín-montejo       View:   Abstract      

CPS250: Applicability of Periodic Censuses Data Quality Assessment Methods in China
Donghua Wan       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS304: Combining micro and macro data in hedonic price indexes
Esmeralda Ramalho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS317: Catching up with modern times - transforming Hungarian dissemination products from a classic automobile into a dynamic cabRIO
Norbert Bakos       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-G05: Survey Statistics 5

CPS254: Methodology for cross-cultural adaptation of psychometric instruments
Wanderson Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS342: Ratio estimators of population mean using auxiliary information in median ranked set sampling
Nursel Koyuncu       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS354: Domain estimation for a censored study variable
Danute Krapavickaite       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS369: A proposal of a method for distinguishing MAR type missing data from MCAR type
Jerzy Korzeniewski       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS408: Small area estimation for rural development statistics in Hungary
György Lengyel       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS412: Imputation of multivariate continuous data with nonignorable missingness
Thais Paiva       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS484: Ratio type estimators for estimating proportions in a dual frame approach
Hemilio Coelho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS648: Application Of Ibge Databases For Operational Plan In Complex Sample Study Seroprevalence
Roberto Dusi       View:   Abstract       Paper

PO-H04: Environmetrics 4

CPS074: A comparative analysis of clustering algorithms to identify the homogeneous rainfall gauge stations of Bangladesh
Sangita Paul       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS471: Model selection and verification for ensemble based probabilistic forecasting of air pollution in Oslo, Norway
Sam-erik Walker       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS568: Quality Score of Municipal Management in Environment
Mônica Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-A04: Applications 4

CPS089: Measuring Violence against Women in Egyptian Society
Haidy Mahmoud       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS143: Academia, Salary or Family, Talent Mobility in and across China
Feng Zhen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS223: Joint Regression and Association Modelling of Under-nutrition Outcomes among Children
Leonard Atuhaire       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS241: Heteroskedastic Generalized Linear Models to explore income inequality in Latin American countries
Gilbert Brenes-camacho       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS422: Prevalence and Determinants of HIV infection in South Africa: Results from the 2008 National HIV survey
Khangelani Zuma       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS470: Spatiotemporal analysis of infant mortality rates in Argentina using mixed Poisson models
Cristina Cuesta       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS518: Missing Value Effect on the Estimation of Item Response Theory Parameters: A Simulation Study by Increasing the Item Difficulty Level
Alejandra Arias Salazar       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-A05: Applications 5

CPS132: The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Manufacturing Industry Evidence From Korea, Lessons to Egypt
Embareka Abouellial       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS650: The statistics profession in Costa Rica and its challenges
Oscar Hernandez       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS644: Prediction of poverty in Latin America: model selection for the 2000s census round
Pier De Maria       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS193: Urbanization on Agriculture: India
Chanchal Pramanik       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS666: Use the techniques of multivariate analysis to master the challenge of youth socio- economic insertion
Yassine Abahamid       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS200: Statistical Modeling of Mutual Influence of the EU and Russia Industrial Growth in Conditions of Economic Instability
Elena Zarova       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS666: Use the techniques of multivariate analysis to master the challenge of youth socio- economic insertion
Yassine Abahamid       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS325: The estimation of a VECM for a small open economy with exogenous variables
Johan Lyhagen       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS359: A New Access Mode to IAB's Scientific Use Files
Joerg Heining       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS406: Clustering Correlation between Crude Oil and National Stock Markets
Andre Salles       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS462: A classification approach to identify fraudulent electricity usage in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Gary Sharp       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS495: Causality between public bond markets and financial stability in an emerging economy
Héctor Zárate       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS573: A Markov Regime Switching Approach for Estimating Commodity Prices Changes with Location of the Change-Points
Hilaire Hounkpodote       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-A10: Applications 10

CPS027: An Investigation of Spatial Variation of Childhood Disease in India: A Bayesian Semi Parametric Approach
Awdhesh Yadav       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS638: Developing Forecasting Models for Unemployment Rate by Gender: Cross Countries Comparison
Ksenija Dumicic       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS632: Perception and Understanding: a Survey on Human Rights in Rio de Janeiro
Felipe Cavaliere Tavares       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS046: Multivariate cointegration analysis of South African employment, inflation and output data for short- and long-run linkages
Sagaren Pillay       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS300: Impact of world demand shock an illustration using a macro model of Morocco
Jamal Bakhti       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS309: Reliability Analysis of crude oil exploration in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Enobong Udoumoh       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS440: Estimation of Provincial Tobacco Use in Thailand Using Multilevel Small Area Estimation from a National Probability Sample
Jason Hsia       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS483: Accuracy and precision of the Brazilian livestock data (Census x Estimation): Bovine, Poultry and Pork
Paula Meyer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS493: Text Mining Strategies applied on the annual reports of the International Monetary Fund. A look at the crisis
Ana Feldman       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS567: Interdependence of International Educational Flows and Countries Economic Development: Issues of Statistical Approach
Maria Frolova       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS632: Perception and Understanding: a Survey on Human Rights in Rio de Janeiro
Felipe Cavaliere Tavares       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-B13: Methods and Theory 13

CPS456: Fitting a bivariate normal distribution to a two-way contingency table using maximum likelihood estimation
Gretel Crafford       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS002: Multiple change points detection in linear regression by filtered derivative and false discovery rate method.
Mohamed Elmi       View:    Paper

CPS364: A note on lag selection in time series using multi-step estimation
Lars Forsberg       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS206: Improving the Power of Outlier Detection through Reasonably Choosing Ratio Composition
Bangwen Cheng       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS617: Approximate Bayesian inference for the Rosenblatt distribution
Laura Rifo       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS216: A comparative review of generalizations of the extreme value distribution
Eliane Pinheiro       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS645: The multivariate Gamma-GLG model from the random intercept Gamma model with random effect nonnormal
Lizandra Fabio       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS222: C-statistic for evaluating the added predictive ability in the binary risk models: An alternative to the existing approaches
Afrin Rumana       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS671: Closeness Comparisons among Lindley, Weibull and Gamma Distributions
M. Z. Raqab       View:   Abstract      

CPS227: Robust bootstrap forecast densities for GARCH models: returns, volatilities and Value-at-Risk.
Carlos Trucios       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS256: The Asymptotic Behavior of Likelihood Estimators for the Dispersion Parameter of the Negative Binomial Distribution
Neville Weber       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS276: Improving bias in nonparametric density estimation: $L_{1}$ view
Kairat Mynbaev       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS314: Tail dependence convergence rate of a skew-t and of a skew normal distribution
Thomas Fung       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS360: Weak Allee effects population growth models in a random environment
Carlos A. Braumann       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-C04: Statistical Computing 4

CPS038: Statistical Analysis of Demand and Supply in a Distributed Problem Solving Platform of Software Development
Ta-hsin Li       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS258: A fast Mixed Model B-splines algorithm
Martin P. Boer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS279: Crunching big data to produce statistics on large international events
Erki Saluveer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS333: An information-geometrical path algorithm for Poisson regression
Yoshihiro Hirose       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS479: Simultaneous analysis of multi-label classification and dimensionality reduction with clustering labels
Hiroaki Ikuta       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS563: A bootstrap application on the standard normal homogeneity test (snht) when there is not highly correlated reference series
Ceyda Yazici       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-D02: Statistical Education 2

CPS094: A Peer-Motivated Undergraduate Course Design In Survey Operations: Lessons From The Philippines
Francisco De Los Reyes       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS313: Teaching Statistics In Other Careers In The 21th Century In Argentina
Liliana Severino       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS327: Developing Ambassadors of Statistics
Petteri Baer       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS330: The development direction towards the post-2015 (SDGs) on Korea statistical capacity building experiences
Doomahn Kim       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS411: A comparative statistical analysis between teachers and undergraduate students perceptions of teaching and learning mathematics
Eti Mizrahi       View:   Abstract      

CPS463: Statistical training in Africa: a case of teaching demographic statistics
James Ntozi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS469: Identifying and Evaluating Threshold Concepts in First Year Statistics courses at a large university in South Africa
Andre Swanepoel       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS654: Application of block maxima model to Madeira Island s maximum annual rainfall data
Luiz Guerreiro Lopes       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-E03: Business & Industry 3

CPS086: Forecasting hourly Electricity demand in Egypt
Eman Abd El-metaal       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS398: Designs for factors with many levels
Ridout Martin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS615: Risk-adjusted CUSUM chart to monitor lifetimes in presence of long-term survivors
Jocelânio Oliveira       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-F04: Official Statistics 4

CPS077: 2 Census, 10 years of household surveys in Bolivia. Time to re-weight and define a comparable sample design for Welfare indicators
Alvaro Chirino       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS691: Application of response patterns to the evaluation of the 2010 Population Census questionnaire design: a look at the disability topic
Andréa Paim       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS126: Quantitative Methods for Measuring Impact of Self-Service Innovations
Beatrice Gichohi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS162: velocity of money
Sana Souaid Jad       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS224: Towards a Political Economy of Statistics
Erich Oltmanns       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS270: Housing Price Prediction Using Search Engine Query Data
Qian Dong       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS307: Realizing Official Statistics on Accidents at Work in Norway
Arne Jensen       View:   Abstract      

CPS430: Same-Sex Marriage in Brazil: First Results, Media Response and Visibility
Eduardo Peret       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS432: Measuring property prices: the BIS contribution
Christian Dembiermont       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS434: The Housing price index for Chile: Methodology and Results
Ricardo Flores       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-F05: Official Statistics 5

CPS202: Comparative Analysis on Industrial Classification of China and International Standard Industrial Classification
Zhuo Wang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS692: Socioeconomic Context of the housing units that used the internet as a mean of response to the 2010 Brazilian Population Census
Andréa Paim       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS244: Design and Implementation of Online Retail Statistics in China
Xiaoyan Liu       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS248: Feasibility Study on Business Register Updating in China Based on Internet Data Sources
Ran Tao       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS358: Environmental Patents in Brazil: Proposed methodology for identification and compatibility with different databases
Francisco Marta       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS535: New challenges to Promote Use of Statistics in Japan - Toward the Creation of Higher Value by Utilizing Official Statistics
Ryo Iyama       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS678: Classification and Empirical Study of Producer Service Industry in Beijing
Xiaoqian Zou       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS682: Research on Improving the CPI Statistical Survey System in the Information Age
Qian Wang       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS683: The Study of Statistical Calculation and Fulfillment Methods for Upgraded Demographic Dividend in Beijing
Wenbin Ding       View:    Paper

CPS684: Study on Statistical Methods and Application of Data of Consumer Confidence Index ??Illustrated by Beijing Consumer Confidence Index Reform
Zhiyu Wang      

PP-G04: Survey Statistics 4

CPS147: Sampling design and sources of information for estimation of forestry sector contribution in Nepal
Jishnu Bhattarai       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS225: Application of integration technology to multi-source data in the New Type of Crop Sampling Survey
Ge Wei       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS234: Sampling Weights Adjustment for Improving Crops Early Estimates Precision
Roberto Gismondi       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS272: Chain event graphs for missing data: exploring informative missing data, with examples from longitudinal studies
Jane Hutton       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS310: Changes in Internet Participation for Mixed-Mode Surveys over Time
Virginia Lesser       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS390: Comparison of estimation methods on two-stage cluster sampling with unknown each cluster size
Sang Eun Lee       View:   Abstract       Paper

PP-H03: Environmetrics 3

CPS349: Modelling competition between nuclear power and renewable energy technologies: some results and forecasts for Germany
Mariangela Guidolin       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS605: Extracting Air Quality Indicator Trends Using Time Series Butterworth Filters
Giuliana Passamani       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS685: Strengthening the Application of Statistical Monitoring in City Management Solving the Capital's Development Problem on Population, Resources and Environment
Jia Cui       View:   Abstract       Paper

CPS695: Using a Multivariate Di usion Model to Perform Inference in Ecology
Etienne Pienaar       View:   Abstract       Paper