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IPS001: Recent advances in statistical machine learning and applications

Mixed Graphical Models with Applications to Cancer Genomics
Genevera Allen       View:   Abstract      

Individualized Rank Aggregation using Nuclear Norm Regularization
Sahand Negahban       View:   Abstract      

PenPC: A Two-step Approach to Estimate the Skeletons of High Dimensional Directed Acyclic Graphs
Wei Sun       View:   Abstract      

IPS002: Advances in Variable Selection and Rank Reduction in High Dimensions

Canonical Variate Regression
Kun Chen       View:   Abstract      

Sparse orthogonal factor regression and its extensions
Kun Chen       View:   Abstract      

Inference for hierarchical clustering of variables
Max G'sell       View:   Abstract      

Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis
Harrison Zhou       View:   Abstract      

Robust Inherent Spectral Clustering
Yiyuan She       View:   Abstract      

IPS003: Financial networks: Statistical inference and probabilistic modeling

Proximity-based networks and statistically validated networks in complex systems
Rosario Mantegna       View:   Abstract      

The Maximum Number of 3- and 4-Cliques within a Planar Maximally Filtered Graph
Jenna Birch       View:   Abstract      

A Network Approach to Financial Stability
Iori Giulia       View:   Abstract      

Cointegration analysis and influence rank - A cointegration-based financial network approach to global stock markets
Yanhua Chen       View:   Abstract      

IPS004: Neurostatistics

Kernel Smoothing GEE for Longitudinal fMRI Studies
Timothy Johnson       View:   Abstract      

Intraclass correlations for assessing reliability in presence of within- and between-subject variability in fMRI BOLD responses
Michelle Liou       View:   Abstract       Paper

Tensor regression with applications in neuroimaging data analysis
Hua Zhou       View:   Abstract      

IPS005: Recent Advances in Functional Data Analysis

Average derivative projection pursuit regression
Frederic Ferraty       View:   Abstract      

Supervised Sparse and Functional Principal Component Analysis
Haipeng Shen       View:   Abstract      

Supervised classi?cation of functional data in the presence of covariates
Pai-ling Li       View:   Abstract      

IPS006: Recent advances in statistical learning and high-dimensional data modeling

Inhomogeneous large-scale data: Maximin effects and aggregation with Magging
Peter Buhlmann       View:   Abstract      

High-Dimensional Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
Tony Cai       View:   Abstract      

Mixture Modelling for Longitudinal Data
Annie Qu       View:   Abstract      

IPS007: Recent trends in non- and semi-parametric inference

Linear Regression Analysis in Non-linear Populations
Lawrence Brown       View:   Abstract      

In-sample density forecasting
Enno Mammen       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Challenges in Nanoscale Fluorescence Microscopy
Axel Munk       View:   Abstract      

Multiscale Inference for Blind Demixing with Applications in Cancer Genetics
Merle Behr       View:   Abstract      

IPS008: Set and manifold estimation

Computational methods in set estimation
Beatriz Pateiro-lópez       View:   Abstract      

Minimax rate for Dimension Estimator
Jisu Kim       View:   Abstract      

On the use of cone-convexity in set estimation
Antonio Cuevas       View:   Abstract      

IPS009: Statistical modeling and inference for spatial and spatio-temporal extremes

Inferring spatio-temporal patterns in extreme snow variables using max-stable processes
Nicolas Eckert       View:   Abstract      

Modeling different degree of the asymptotic dependence for spatial extremes
Gwladys Toulemonde       View:   Abstract      

Extreme cold winters and ecological impacts on northern forests
Anthony Davison       View:   Abstract      

Climate Extremes: Attributions and Future Projections
Richard Smith       View:   Abstract      

Updating ruin models in a climate change context
Pierre Ribereau       View:   Abstract      

IPS010: Statistics for large scale spatial data

Spatio-temporal point process models on a global scale
Mikyoung Jun       View:   Abstract      

Computational Challenges with Big Environmental Data
Marc Genton       View:   Abstract      

Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Big Data and its Application to Satellite Remote Sensing
Noel Cressie       View:   Abstract      

IPS011: Modern actuarial and statistical approaches to estimating insurance risks

The development of Enterprise Risk Management in Japanese Insurance Industry
Shuji Tanaka       View:   Abstract       Paper

The finite-time Gerber-Shiu function as a risk measure
Jose Garrido       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Inference for ruin-related quantities for Levy insurance risks
Yasutaka Shimizu       View:   Abstract      

IPS012: Recent developments in and applications of MCMC

Towards an unbiased and scalable Monte Carlo method for Bayesian inference for big data
Gareth Roberts       View:   Abstract       Paper

MCMC in statistical genomics practise
Sylvia Richardson       View:   Abstract      

Some applications of asymmetric Metropolis-Hastings updates in the context of exact approximate algorithms
Christophe Andrieu       View:   Abstract      

Algorithmic Design for Big Data: The ScaLE Algorithm
Murray Pollock       View:   Abstract      

Perfect simulation using atomic regeneration with application to Sequential Monte Carlo
Krzysztof Latuszynski       View:   Abstract      

IPS013: Statistical inference on high-dimensional covariance structure

Rate-Optimal Posterior Contraction for Sparse PCA
Harrison Zhou       View:   Abstract      

Large-scale multiple tests on correlation changes
Weidong Liu      

Application of High Dimensional Covariance and Precision Matrices in Clinical Research
Tianxi Cai       View:   Abstract      

Multistage Adaptive Testing of Sparse Signals
Wenguang Sun       View:   Abstract      

IPS014: Statistics of stochastic networks

Mendelian Randomisation for Causal Inference in Epidemiology
Vanessa Didelez       View:   Abstract      

Hypothesis Testing for Network Data Objects, With Applications in Functional Neuroimaging
Eric Kolaczyk       View:   Abstract      

Inferring latent random networks from random interactions
Ernst Wit       View:   Abstract      

Exponential-family Approaches to Jointly Mode Network Relations and Endogenous Attributes
Mark Stephen Handcock       View:   Abstract      

IPS015: Variable selection and dimension reduction in high-dimensional inference

Asymptotic Normality in Estimation of Large Ising Graphical Model
Zhao Ren       View:   Abstract      

Consistenct model selection criteria for quadratically supported risks
Yongdai Kim       View:   Abstract      

An EM Algorithm for Bayesian Variable Selection
Feng Liang       View:   Abstract      

Statistical and computational trade-offs in estimation of sparse principal components
Richard Samworth       View:   Abstract      

IPS016: Measuring Progress, Sustainable Development and Wellbeing in a Post-2015 environment

Measuring Progress, Sustainable Development and Well-being in a Post-2015 environment.
Conal Smith       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring National Well-being in the UK: Four years of progress
Glenn Everett       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring Australia´s progress in a Post-2015 environment
Peter Harper       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring Sustainable Development, Review and Reporting on Post-2015 Agenda
Lidia Bratanova       View:   Abstract      

Measuring National Well-being in the UK: Insights across Society, the Economy and the Environment
Glenn Everett       View:   Abstract      

IPS017: Statistical Approaches to the Study of Corruption

Measuring Governance in Australia: development of a new domain of social statistics
XXX       View:   Abstract       Paper

The OECD Guidelines on measuring trust.
Conal Smith       View:   Abstract      

Beyond perception: can we measure corruption?
Adrián Franco Barrios       View:   Abstract      

Alternative Measures of Governance: Using Inductive Methods
B. Guy Peters       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Approaches to the Study of Corruption
Gemma Van Halderen       View:   Abstract      

IPS018: Commercial Property Price Indices and their place in Official Statistics

Commercial Property Price Indexes and the System of National Accounts
Shimizu Chihiro       View:   Abstract      

Challenges of Appraisal Data in Commercial Property Price Indexes
Brian Graf       View:   Abstract      

Real Estate Prices: the international handbook on Commercial Property Price Indices
David Fenwick       View:   Abstract       Paper

Alternative Approaches to Commercial Property Price Indexes for Tokyo
Erwin Diewert       View:   Abstract      

Aggregation in regression and commercial property price indices
Mick Silver       View:   Abstract      

Commercial property prices: price indices vs. performance indicators
Jens Mehrhoff       View:   Abstract      

Commercial property prices: collection and usages at the BIS
Christian Dembiermont       View:   Abstract      

IPS019: Addressing methodological questions on large crime population and business surveys

Methodological Challenges Facing the National Crime Victimization Survey
Lynn Langton       View:   Abstract       Paper

Past achievements and future challenges: surveying victims of crime in the UK context
Roma Chappell       View:   Abstract      

New investments in quality and new perspectives in the Italian Violence Against Women Survey and Victimization survey
Linda Laura Sabbadini       View:   Abstract      

Challenges in victimization surveys. Raising the value of official statistics
Adrián Franco, Oscar Jaimes       View:   Abstract       Paper

Challenges in victimization surveys. Raising the value of official statistics
Adrián Franco, Oscar Jaimes       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS021: Statistical Literacy for Decision Makers

Statistics and Lampposts: For Support or For Illumination?
Peter Van De Ven       View:   Abstract       Paper

You learn to use statistics
Reija Helenius       View:   Abstract      

Modernization of the Statistical Production by Multivariate Statistical Methodology
Maurizio Vichi       View:   Abstract      

Statistics in decision making the role of the Statistical Office, challenges and actions
Marjo Bruun       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Literacy: A one size fits all approach? Perspectives from southern Africa
Miranda Mafafo       View:   Abstract      

IPS022: Changes in population and housing censuses: from evolution to revolution?

Changing census by combining administrative sources and sample surveys
Fabio Crescenzi       View:   Abstract       Paper

Spain 2021. Is it possible to carry out a Census without any fieldwork operation?
Jorge L. Vega Valle       View:   Abstract      

Evolution of Abu Dhabi data sources - progressing towards a register-based Census
Aisha Turki       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS023: Towards the modernisation of statistical processes

Modernisation at Statistics Netherlands
Bert Kroese       View:   Abstract       Paper

Adding Value to Statistics in the Data Revolution Age
Giorgio Alleva       View:   Abstract       Paper

At the cusp of change: strategies, progress and challenges in modernising a National Statistical Office
Duncan Young       View:    Paper

IPS024: Urbanisation and Societal Challenges: How are statistics measuring up?

Openness, Usability, and Effectiveness: Bringing data to bear on local issues
Wendy Thomas       View:   Abstract      

Enhancing Smart Growth by Open Data and Statistics - experiences from Helsinki
Ari Jaakola       View:   Abstract      

Statistics in Process of New-type Urbanization in China
Li Song       View:   Abstract      

IPS025: Governance and innovation / Quality assurance systems for statistics: From development to implementation and monitoring

Quality Management System of Korean Official Statistcis
Hyungee Kim       View:   Abstract       Paper

Prioritising the User Perspective on Statistical Quality
William Richard Alldritt       View:   Abstract       Paper

The role of peer reviews as an important instrument in the context of monitoring and enhancing quality of official statistics
Helena Cordeiro       View:   Abstract       Paper

Reinforced quality assurance of Government Finance Statistics
Eduardo Barredo Capelot       View:   Abstract       Paper

Strengthening Quality Assurance for National Statistical Systems
Monica Pinzon Torres       View:   Abstract      

IPS026: How can National Statistics Offices (NSOs) take advantage of new data sources and collection modes?

Use of mobile devices and other advances in data collection
Tuulikki Sillajoe       View:   Abstract       Paper

Meeting users - needs for indicators on the knowledge-based economy (KBE), while reducing collections on the agro-industrial economy
Ramasamy Ramachandran       View:   Abstract       Paper

Using new data sources to modernise Official Statistics - a Collaborative Approach
Duncan Young       View:   Abstract       Paper

Digital Government - Digital Statistics. How statisticians are putting themselves at the heart of government transformation through Data Science, Big Data and being '?helpful'
Glenn Everett       View:   Abstract      

Big Data and Semantic Technology: A Future for Data Integration, Exploration and Visualisation
Andreas Mayer       View:   Abstract      

IPS027: How to improve statistics production of NSO and NSS? Answers from the public management perspective.

Increase the NSOs productivity to produce and coordinate more and better statistics for Poverty Reduction Strategies and National Development Plans
Alejandro Medina Giopp      

Introducing a National Code of Practice for Official Statistics: Experiences from Ireland
Steve Macfeely       View:   Abstract       Paper

Statistical National System, public programs management and statistical production based on administrative registers. Yucatan study case.
Julio Ortego       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS030: Statistical Machine Learning for Big Data

Asymptotic confidence sets for parameters in high-dimensional models
Sara Van De Geer       View:   Abstract      

Sparse Regression Incorporating Graphical Structure Among Predictors
Yufeng Liu       View:   Abstract      

Elementary Estimators for High-dimensional Statistical Models
Pradeep Ravikumar       View:   Abstract      

Constrained adaptive sensing of sparse signals
Mark Davenport       View:   Abstract      

IPS031: Computational complexity of statistical algorithms suitable for analysis of nonstandard big data

Background subtraction in image segmentation
Luca Frigau       View:   Abstract       Paper

What computational complexity theory tells us about some problems in interval data analysis
Michal Cerný       View:   Abstract      

IPS032: Multi-block data analysis for big data

On the Ontological and Epistemological Conceptualization of Second and Higher Order Constructs: Distinctions Between Variance and Covariance approaches applied to Data Complexity
Wynne W. Chin       View:   Abstract      

Big data in multi-block data analysis: An approach to paralleling classic PLS algorithm
Alba Martinez Ruiz       View:   Abstract      

PLS algorithms for three-way data analysis
Laura Trinchera       View:   Abstract      

Structure and conquer with Regularized Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis
Arthur Tenenhaus       View:   Abstract      

IPS033: New developments in Symbolic Data Analysis

Inferential aspects in regression models for interval-valued variables
Eufrásio Lima Neto       View:   Abstract      

Visualizing Aggregated Symbolic Data with Continuous and Categorical Variables
Junji Nakano       View:   Abstract      

Some mathematical problems in symbolic data analysis
Richard Emilion       View:   Abstract      

IPS034: Recent Advances in Cluster Validation

Flexible parametric bootstrap for testing homogeneity against clustering and assessing the number of clusters
Christian Hennig       View:   Abstract      

Benchmarking cluster algorithms for ordinal survey data
Friedrich Leisch       View:   Abstract      

Assessment of a partition and its clusters according to a Rand index-based stability criterion
Patrice Bertrand       View:   Abstract      

Incremental Clustering: The Case for Extra Clusters
Margareta Ackerman       View:   Abstract      

IPS035: Spatio-functional data analysis

Estimation of non-negative surfaces over complex domains using bivariate splines
Serge Guillas       View:   Abstract      

Spatial Generalized Functional Linear Model
Ramón Giraldo       View:   Abstract      

On the characteristics of a Geographically Weighted Functional Regression model for spatially dependent functional data
Elvira Romano       View:   Abstract      

IPS036: Fusion Learning: Combining Inferences from Diverse Sources

Multi-source Inference: Surprises and Challenges
Xiao-li Meng       View:   Abstract      

Multi-source Inference: Surprises and Challenges
Xiao-li Meng       View:   Abstract      

On combining likelihoods or p-value functions or other inference summaries,coming from various sources
Don Fraser       View:   Abstract      

Fusion Learning by Combining Nonparametric Inferences using Confidence Distributions
Min-ge Xie       View:   Abstract      

Con?dence inference for combination of di?erent information sources
Nils Hjort       View:   Abstract      

Higher order asymptotics for Generalized Fiducial Inference
Jan Hannig       View:   Abstract      

Higher order asymptotics for Generalized Fiducial Inference
Jan Hannig       View:   Abstract      

IPS037: Computational inference for complex data

Neural Network Sieve Bootstrap for Nonlinear Time Series
Michele La Rocca       View:   Abstract      

A Permutation Test for the Two Sample Design in Case of Clustered Data
Livio Corain       View:   Abstract      

Novel methods for the statistical analysis of multiple and repeated rankings
Michael Schimek       View:    Paper

IPS038: Recent advances on functional data modelling and applications to life time data

Clustering Random Curves Under Spatial Interdependence with Application to Service Accessibility
Nicoleta Serban       View:    Paper

Marginal screening for high-dimensional and functional predictors
Ian Mckeague       View:   Abstract      

Analyzing human mortality dynamics by marginal FPCA
Pedro Delicado       View:   Abstract      

A Functional Time Warping Approach to Modeling and Monitoring Truncated Degradation Signals
Nicoleta Serban       View:   Abstract      

IPS039: Brazilian Statistical Association(ABE): Contributions to Education and Dissemination of Statistics in Brazil

Disseminating the Statistical Education in Brazil through workshops for elementary and high school teachers
Ângela Paes       View:   Abstract      

Projects of the Brazilian Statistical Association for an Upcoming Promising Future of the Statistical Science in Brazil
Francisco Louzada       View:   Abstract      

Statistics Corner - Reaching out families with simple statistics concepts
Doris Fontes       View:   Abstract      

IPS041: Open Data, Civil Society and Monitoring Social Progress: Challenges for Statistics Education

What statistical skills do citizens in civil societies need? Monitoring the energy transition
Philipp Ullmann       View:   Abstract      

Do citizens have the skills needed to understand the statistical information we produce? Findings from international surveys and their implications
Iddo Gal       View:   Abstract      

Open data at the interface of mathematics and civics education: Challenges of the data revolution for the statistics curriculum
Joachim Engel       View:   Abstract      

IPS042: Quantitative practices that might arise with the use of new technological capabilities for exploring data.

Visualizing complex data and working with visual data representations of multivariate data
Jim Ridgway       View:   Abstract      

Enabling young learners to distinguish mere association from cause-and-effect.
Tim Dunne       View:   Abstract      

Creating models and simulations of real world phenomena by defining attributes for a phenomenon
Theodosia Prodromou       View:   Abstract      

IPS043: Which is the right approach to learn statistics? Cues from different educational contexts.

Preliminary results on the relationship between learning approaches and students achievements in a Social Statistics introductory course in Finland
Kimmo Vehkalahti       View:   Abstract      

The relationship between learning approaches and students achievements in a first year statistics unit in Australia
Ayse Bilgin       View:   Abstract      

The relationship between learning approaches and students achievements in statistics units in Argentina
María Fabrizio       View:   Abstract       Paper

Italian University Students Achievement in Statistics: The Role of Attitudes and Approaches to Learning.
Francesca Chiesi       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS044: Big Data Inferences and Modelling for Official Statistics, with Application to Satellite Imagery Analysis

REVEAL: A Paradigm for Official Statistics
Ronald Prevost       View:   Abstract       Paper

Big Data Inferences and Modelling for Official Statistics with Application to Satellite Imagery Analysis
Paul Schubert       View:   Abstract      

Use of Big Data in official statistics
Giulio Barcaroli       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS045: Statistical disclosure control for official statistics in the 21st Century

Challenges for statistical disclosure control in a world with big data and open data
Kees Zeelenberg       View:   Abstract       Paper

Statistical Disclosure Control - Can Our Current and Emerging Approaches Cope?
Christine O'keefe      

Disclosure Risk Assessment for Official Statistics
Chris Skinner       View:   Abstract      

U.S. Agricultural Statistics Current Disclosure Practices and Future Improvements
James M Harris       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS046: Adaptive Survey Design

Using R-indicators for Adaptive Follow-up in Longitudinal Studies
Natalie Shlomo       View:   Abstract      

Design, data collection and estimation
Peter Lundquist       View:   Abstract      

Adapting survey design based on respondent profiles and questionnaire profiles
Joop Hox       View:   Abstract      

IPS047: Sampling Frame and Nonsampling Error Issues in Internet Surveys.

Establishing the accuracy of online panels for survey research
Jan Brakel       View:   Abstract      

Selection Bias Issues in Internet Surveys
Zerrin Asan Greenacre       View:   Abstract       Paper

Developments in internet collection at Statistics Canada
Claude Julien       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS048: New developments in use of model-based methods in official statistics

When Do Model-Based Methods Work?
Roderick Little       View:   Abstract      

Model-based procedures for inference from big data sources
Bart Buelens       View:   Abstract      

A new paradigm in Official Statistics?
Stephen Horn       View:    Paper

Combining survey and administrative data using state space methods
Stephen Horn       View:   Abstract      

IPS049: Small area estimation for business and economic data

Local Estimates of Average Household Income in Argentina
Claudio Comari       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian small area estimation methods for business survey statistics
Maria Ferrante       View:    Paper

Small Area Models for Brazilian Business Survey Skewed Data
Fernando Moura       View:   Abstract      

IPS050: What is a Census, during times of changing methodologies and technologies?

What is a census: a register-based view
Eric Schulte Nordholt       View:   Abstract      

Methodologies of Population and Housing Censuses: Revisited
Keiko Osaki-tomita       View:   Abstract      

Traditional Census - a misnomer and an oxymoron
Duncan Young       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS051: Recent advances in empirical likelihood approaches under complex sampling

Small Area Quantile Estimation
Jiahua Chen       View:   Abstract      

An Empirical Likelihood Based Estimator for Responded Driven Sampled Data
Sanjay Chaudhuri       View:   Abstract      

Empirical likelihood confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for multidimensional parameters when modelling complex survey data
Melike Oguz Alper       View:   Abstract      

IPS052: Using remote sensing for agricultural statistics

Operational Remote Sensing Program Requirements
Jeffrey Bailey       View:   Abstract       Paper

Advances in the use of remote sensing in Land Use/Land Cover Surveys
Roberto Benedetti       View:   Abstract       Paper

Remote sensing for Agricultural Statistics: Perspectives with new sensors
Raul Lopez-lozano       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS053: Estimation and inference methods based on integrated statistical data

Estimation of Coverage Errors Based on Three Data Sources
Damião Da Silva       View:   Abstract      

Uncertainty in statistical matching for integration of samples drawn from finite populations
Pier Luigi Conti       View:   Abstract      

Population Inference Using Linked Data
Raymond Chambers       View:   Abstract      

Integrating census and administrative data sources within a spatial sampling framework
Roberto Benedetti       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS054: Statistical implications of changing ILO international standards for employment and unemployment

Impact of the new international standards on employment, unemployment and labour underutilization in the measurement of labour statistics: cases of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Western Samoa, and Vietnam
Tite Habiyakare       View:   Abstract      

From Employment and Unemployment to Work and Labour underutilization: The new international standards on statistics of work, employment and labour underutilization
Elisa Benes       View:   Abstract       Paper

Effect of the 19th ICLS Resolution on the Employment, Unemployment and Labour Underutilization Measures: case for Uganda
Vincent Ssennono       View:   Abstract      

The New Standards of Measuring Employment and Possible Effects on the Turkish Labour Market Indicators
Tuna Kemali       View:   Abstract      

IPS055: Innovative Bayesian approaches in Industrial applications

Bayesian Nonparametric Replacement Strategies
Refik Soyer       View:   Abstract      

Semi-Markov modelling of electricity co-generation in residential applications with time-dependent covariates
Raffaele Argiento       View:   Abstract      

Unified Competing Risks Limited Failure Models: Bayesian Approaches and Identifiability Issues
Sanjib Basu       View:   Abstract      

IPS057: Modern Methods in Computational Advertising

Statistical Methods in Computational Advertising -- The Past, Present and Future
Deepak Agarwal       View:   Abstract      

Estimating Conversion Rates of Rare Events through a Multidimensional Dynamic Hierarchical Bayesian
Hongia Yang       View:   Abstract      

Combining preference and social information in recommendation systems using nonparametric Bayesian mixtures
Abel Rodriguez       View:   Abstract      

IPS058: Recent Advances in Statistical Engineering

A Statistical Engineering Approach to Big Data Projects
Roger Hoerl       View:   Abstract      

Statistics as a science of techniques for inquiry and problem-solving
Jeroen De Mast       View:   Abstract      

Bo Bergman       View:   Abstract      

Improving the Use of Experiments within Six Sigma
Jock Mackay       View:   Abstract      

IPS060: Uncertainty Quantification of Computationally Expensive Models

Emulation of multivariate simulators using thin plate splines with application to atmospheric dispersion
David C. Woods       View:   Abstract      

Applying uncertainty quantification techniques to aid in parameter tuning in the Accelerated Climate Model for Energy
Rick Archibald       View:   Abstract      

Efficient calibration for imperfect computer models
Jeff Wu       View:   Abstract      

IPS061: Recent Advances in the Design and Analysis of Experiments

E(s2)- and UE(s2)-Optimal Supersaturated Designs
Ching-shui Cheng       View:   Abstract      

A Swarm Intelligence Based (SIB) Method for Optimization in Designs of Experiments
Frederick Kin Hing Phoa       View:   Abstract      

Designing Computer Experiments with Better OA-based Latin Hypercubes
Boxin Tang       View:   Abstract      

IPS062: The Role of Statistics in Modern Reliability

Combined inference of laboratory and field data with application to warrantry prediction
Sheng-tsaing Tseng       View:   Abstract      

ARA and ARI imperfect repair models: a proposed method for model selection
Marta Afonso Freitas       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Methods for Estimating the Minimum Thickness Along a Pipeline
William Meeker       View:   Abstract      

IPS063: Design and Modeling of Computer Experiments

Statistical-Physical Estimation of Pollution Emission
Youngdeok Hwang       View:   Abstract      

Local Gaussian process approximation for large computer experiments
Robert Gramacy       View:   Abstract      

Connections Between Different Projections under the Linear-Quadratic Parametrization
Arman Sabbaghi       View:   Abstract      

IPS064: Sparsity and leveraging in big data regression

Forward variable selection for sparse ultra-high dimensional varying coefficient models
Ming-yen Cheng       View:   Abstract      

Leveraging in big data regression
Ping Ma       View:   Abstract      

Variance Estimation for Aggregated Statistics
Leonard Stefanski       View:   Abstract      

IPS065: Signature Structural Reliability

Preservation of non-parametric distribution class under a system signature point process
Vanderlei Bueno       View:   Abstract       Paper

On the signature of repairable coherent systems
Fabrizio Ruggeri       View:   Abstract      

On the equivalence and stochastic dominance of systems of different sizes
Bo H. Lindqvist       View:   Abstract      

IPS066: Advances in Statistical Process Control

Stochastic Models of Multivariate Statistical Process Control for Non-Industrial Processes
Sotiris Bersimis       View:   Abstract      

A Wavelet-Based Nonparametric CUSUM Control Chart for Autocorrelated Processes with Applications to Network Surviellance
Daniel Jeske      

New SPC Methods for Monitoring Infectious Diseases
Peihua Qiu       View:   Abstract      

IPS067: Robustness and outlier detection in advanced data structures

High-dimensional regression and classification with sparse partial robust M estimation
Peter Filzmoser       View:   Abstract      

Outlier Detection for Functional Data Using Principal Components
Matias Salibian-barrera       View:   Abstract      

Classi cation of multivariate functional data based on depth
Peter Rousseeuw       View:   Abstract      

Robust estimation of multivariate location and scatter in the presence of cellwise and casewise contamination
Victor Yohai       View:   Abstract      

Robust modelling of complex time series
Marco Riani       View:   Abstract      

IPS068: Advances in Monte Carlo methods for scientific and statistical computation

Optimally adjusted mixture sampling and locally weighted histogram analysis
Zhiqiang Tan       View:   Abstract      

A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach to Empirical Bayes Inference and Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis via Empirical Processes
Hani Doss       View:   Abstract      

Establishing some order amongst exact approximation MCMCs
Christophe Andrieu       View:   Abstract      

Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Scott Schmidler       View:   Abstract      

IPS069: Rankings by Statistical Agencies Based on Sample Survey Data

Towards Expressing Statistical Uncertainty in Rankings Based on Sample Survey Data from Six National Statistical Agencies
Tommy Wright, Martin Klein       View:   Abstract      

Towards Expressing Statistical Uncertainty in Rankings Based on Sample Survey Data from Six National Statistical Agencies
Tommy Wright, Martin Klein       View:   Abstract      

IPS070: Confidence Distributions and BFF (Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist) Inferences

Higher order asymptotics for Generalized Fiducial Inference
Jan Hannig       View:   Abstract      

Generalized Fiducial Inference for Massive Data Problems
Randy Lai      

Fusion learning for network data and heterogeneous studies
Regina Liu       View:   Abstract      

Partially Informative Normal and Bayesian Partial Spline Models
Dongchu Sun       View:   Abstract      

Fusion Learning by Combining Nonparametric Inferences using Confidence Distributions
Min-ge Xie       View:   Abstract      

IPS071: Developments in income inequality across the world

The Relationship Between Income and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from the New OECD Wealth Distribution Database
Conal Smith       View:   Abstract      

On the long run evolution of inherited wealth in comparative perspective
Facundo Alvaredo       View:   Abstract      

Rising Inequality in OECD Countries: How Does the Middle Class Fare?
Tim Smeeding       View:   Abstract      

Inequality of Opportunity and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis
Francisco H. G. Ferreira       View:   Abstract      

IPS072: Estimation and Forecasting with Intra Day High Frequency Data

Efficient estimation for stochastic di erential equations with high frequency data
Michael Sorensen       View:   Abstract      

Realized Volatility of Large Portfolios
Dacheng Xiu       View:   Abstract      

Between Data Cleaning and Inference: Pre-Averaging and Robust Estimators of the Efficient Price
Per Mykland       View:   Abstract      

IPS073: Role of Subjective Probability in Quantum and Particle Physics

The Search for Unspeci ed Structure in Astrophysical Images: Maintaining Computational Eciency and Statistical Validity
David Dyk       View:   Abstract      

Quantum Theory and The Role of Probability and Statistics in its Development
Ali Eskandarian       View:   Abstract      

Does Quantum Mechanics Require a New Concept of Probability?
Nozer Singpurwalla       View:   Abstract      

IPS074: Challenges and Opportunities for Spatial Analysis with Big Data

On Gaussian Process Models for High-Dimensional Geostatistical Datasets
Sudipto Banerjee       View:   Abstract      

Exploring Multiple Evidences to Infer Users Location in Twitter
Erica Rodrigues       View:   Abstract      

IPS075: Bootstrap Methods for Time Series

Model-Free Bootstrap for Markov processes
Dimitris Politis       View:   Abstract       Paper

On fixed-b asymptotics for blockwise empirical likelihood and beyond
Xiaofeng Shao       View:   Abstract      

Bootstrap estimation of the scale of geophysical process models
Daniel Nordman       View:   Abstract      

Bootstrapping Multivariate Time Series
Efstathiso Paparoditis       View:   Abstract      

Covariance matrix estimation, linear prediction, and the Linear Process Bootstrap
Timothy Mcmurry       View:   Abstract      

IPS076: Multilevel modelling in evaluation and large-scale assessments

Using Multiple Group Multilevel Latent Models for Cross-Country Comparisons: Empirical Application with PIRLS 2011 Data
Agnes Stancel-piatak       View:   Abstract      

Evaluating the stability of the value-added scores obtained through a longitudinal multilevel IRT model
Tufi Soares       View:   Abstract      

Multilevel Modelling Applied to the Evaluation of Research Centres
Maria Ferrão       View:   Abstract      

IPS077: Innovations in Analyzing Failure Data from Complex Systems

Multivariate Frailty Models for the Multi-type Recurrent Event Data using Monte Carlo EM Algorithm
Yili Hong       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian analysis of ARA imperfect maintenance models with corrective and planned preventive maintenance
Olivier Gaudoin       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Inference of a Parametric Recurrent Event Model Under Competing Risks
Anupap Somboonsavatdee       View:   Abstract      

IPS078: Big Data and official statistics - the Challenge of Big Data on National Statistical Systems

Big Data Applications for Official Statistics: Methodologies and Challenges
Leslie Tang       View:   Abstract      

Challenges of using Big Data for Official Statistics
Ronald Jansen       View:   Abstract       Paper

Big Data and the Modernization of Statistical Systems in Developing Countries
Olivier Dupriez       View:   Abstract      

IPS079: Statistical Methods in Computerized Adaptive Testing

Implementation and use of CAT in Brazil
Dalton Andrade       View:   Abstract      

Statistical issues in the item bank development for adaptive testing
Maria Ferrão       View:   Abstract      

Quality Control and Test Security in Standardized Assessments with Multistage Test Designs
Alina Von Davier       View:   Abstract      

Modelling items in computerized tests, now and in the future
Marie Wiberg       View:   Abstract      

IPS080: Model-Based Clustering and Classification

Challenges in Classification and Regression in the Era of Big Data
Maurizio Vichi       View:   Abstract      

Model-based Co-clustering
Mohamed Nadif       View:   Abstract      

Model-Based Clustering of Single and Multiple Samples
Geoffrey Mclachlan       View:   Abstract      

IPS081: Statistics of Longitudinal Financial Data: Time Series and Continuous-Time Models

Principal Component Analysis of High Frequency Data
Yacine Ait-sahalia       View:   Abstract      

Yield Curves and Risk Neutral Densities - a Functional Time Series Approach
Rong Chen       View:   Abstract      

Assessment of Uncertainty in High Frequency Data: The Observed Asymptotic Variance
Lan Zhang       View:   Abstract      

Efficient estimation for stochastic di erential equations with high frequency data
Michael Sorensen       View:   Abstract      

IPS082: Statistical challenges in biology, genetics and biophysics

Inference of transcriptional regulation in cancer
Shirley Liu       View:   Abstract      

Detection of Genomic Signals by Resequencing
David Siegmund       View:   Abstract      

Analyzing Single-Molecule Protein-Targetting Experiments via Hierarchical Models
Samuel Kou       View:   Abstract      

IPS083: Methodological innovations for more relevant and cost-effective agricultural censuses

Relevance and cost-effectiveness of agricultural censuses in the 21st Century
Naman Keita       View:   Abstract      

Methodological, technical support to agricultural censuses
Eva Laczka       View:   Abstract       Paper

Canada’s Census of Agriculture: A history of innovation
Jeffrey Smith       View:   Abstract      

IPS084: Measuring the interactions between agriculture and the environment

Integrated environmental and economic accounting for agriculture: A framework for measuring the environmental impacts of agricultural policy in Guatemala
Héctor Tuy       View:   Abstract      

What are the interactions between agriculture and the environment? Let the data talk!
Barbara Gemmill-herren       View:   Abstract       Paper

Building on the AEI to craft tools for monitoring complex interconnected environmental policies for agriculture
Dale Andrew       View:   Abstract      

IPS085: Measurement issues for Food Insecurity, Poverty and Malnutrition: state of research and methods.

Going Global: Estimating Comparable Prevalence Rates of Food Insecurity Experienced by Adults in 150 Countries
Mark Nord, Carlo Cafiero       View:   Abstract      

Measuring Poverty through Malnutrition Indicators
Alexander Surinov       View:   Abstract      

Implications of the nutrition transition for monitoring national food and nutrition security
Maria Laura Louzada       View:   Abstract      

How important is food consumed away from home? Evidence from India
John Fiedler       View:   Abstract      

IPS086: Recent Advances In Estimation Methods For Agricultural Statistics

Recent Developments in Model-based Estimation Techniques in Agricultural Statistics
Wendy Barboza       View:   Abstract       Paper

Assessing the impact of the global food system: Integrating statistics across agriculture, the environment, and human health
Mary Bohman       View:   Abstract      

Estimation Methods for macro Agricultural Statistics - Hungarian example
Eva Laczka       View:   Abstract       Paper

Methodological developments for improving agricultural statistics for different typologies of countries
Elisabetta Carfagna       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS087: The value of statistics for policy-making: the case of food and agricultural statistics.

Improving the Data Infrastructure for Food and Nutrition Policy Research
Denbaly Mark       View:   Abstract       Paper

Evidence for evidence: Do better statistics lead to better policy decisions? The case of food and agriculture.
Frances Harper       View:   Abstract      

Measuring the use of statistics in designing food and agricultural policies
Pietro Gennari       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Value of Census Statistics in England and Wales
Ian Cope       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS088: Challenges for the Development of Statistics in Latin American Countries

A Survey on Postgraduate Programs in Statistics around Latin-America
Leonardo Trujilo       View:   Abstract      

Challenges for the Development of Literacy Statistics in Latin American Countries
Adriana D´amelio       View:   Abstract      

A Challenging Future: National Statistical Offices in Latin America
Mario Palma       View:   Abstract       Paper

An Overview of Undergraduate Statistics Degree in Latin American
Lúcia Barroso       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS089: Central Bank Sources and Uses of Derivative Statistics

Derivatives statistics: the BIS contribution
Bruno Tissot       View:   Abstract       Paper

Derivatives data at the Banco de Mexico: Its structure and uses
Alejandro Gaytan       View:   Abstract       Paper

Systemic Risk Monitoring and Prudential Supervision
Erik Heitfield       View:   Abstract       Paper

The challenges of standardization and aggregation of EMIR data in Europe: Six trade repositories and 28 countries
Linda Fache Rousova       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS090: Improving government debt statistics

Conceptual issues related to the definition of government debt
João Matos       View:   Abstract       Paper

General Government Gross Debt in Brazil: Methodological Issues Regarding Government Securities Held by the Central Bank
Joanilson De Carvalho Santos       View:   Abstract       Paper

General Government debt: a quick way to improve comparability
Christian Dembiermont       View:   Abstract      

Korea's Experience in Compiling Public Sector Debt Statistics
Jooyung Lee Seoul       View:   Abstract       Paper

Compilation of Government Debt Statistics in Korea
Hyejin Lee      

IPS091: The use of surveys by central banks

Revision in the Sample Design of TANKAN using the Economic Census of Japan
Kyosuke Shiotani       View:   Abstract       Paper

The use of surveys to improve statistics in Central Bank of Brazil: The measurement of foreign investment in Brazil and Brazilian investment abroad
Katherine Hennings       View:   Abstract      

Contrasting two Eurosystem surveys of households and firms: from micro to macro, from short term to long term, from the phone to your door
Sebastien Perez-duarte       View:   Abstract      

The Use of Residential Property Survey for Macroprudential and Monetary Policies
Gantiah Wuryandani       View:   Abstract      

Turkish Survey of Expectations: Methodological Changes, Sample Fixing and Use in Policy
Timur Hulagu       View:   Abstract      

Macroeconomic implications of firm strategy for competitiveness: Insights from a survey of Canadian firms
Lori Rennison       View:   Abstract      

IPS092: Statistical Genetics and Genomics: Challenges and Opportunities

Imputation of truncated p-values for meta-analysis methods and its genomic application
George Tseng      

The Screening and Ranking Algorithm for Change-Points Detection in Multiple Samples
Heping Zhang       View:   Abstract       Paper

Statistical methods for analyzing x-chromosome data
Sanjay Shete       View:   Abstract      

Quantile Analysis for human quantitive traits in GWAS data
Ying Wei      

IPS093: Statistical Methods and Applications in Health Outcomes Research

Determinants of Coverage for Various Stages of DPT Immunization in India
Arpita Ghosh       View:   Abstract      

Statistical interactions and Bayes estimation of log odds in case-control studies
Jaya Satagopan       View:   Abstract      

Survival Trees and Forest for Thyroid Cancer Prognostication
Mousumi Banerjee       View:   Abstract      

IPS094: Novel statistical methods for longitudinal data in biomedical studies

A flexible modelling framework for overdispersed, Hierarchical data of a joint nature.
Geert Molenberghs       View:   Abstract      

Generalized Multilevel Function-on-Scalar Regression and Principal Component Analysis
Jeff Goldsmith       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian Analysis of Partial Linear Model for Skewed Longitudinal Data
Debajyoti Sinha       View:   Abstract      

A Location-Mixture Autoregressive Model for online forecasting of lung tumor motion
Debdeep Pati       View:   Abstract      

IPS095: Exploring Capture-Recapture Models Developed for Diverse Applications

Capture-recapture applied to human populations
Owen Abbott       View:   Abstract      

Capture-Recapture Methods for Estimating the Number of US Farms
Linda Young       View:   Abstract      

Estimating the prevalence of injecting drug use in Scotland using capturerecapture and partially observed contingency tables
Antony Overstall       View:   Abstract      

IPS097: Bernoulli Journal Session - Aggregation of estimators and high-dimensional statistics

Aggregation of estimators and high-dimensional statistics
Alexandre Tsybakov       View:   Abstract      

IPS098: Bernoulli Society President`s Invited Lecture: Tales of an Applied Statistician in a Functional World

Tales of an Applied Statistician in a Functional World
John Aston       View:   Abstract      

IPS099: Special Invited Lecture: Challenges with Big Data: Computational and Statistical Issues

Challenges with Big Data: Computational and Statistical Issues
Martin J. Wainwright       View:   Abstract      

IPS100: Stochastic Processes and Applications Journal paper: Statistics for High Frequency Data

What makes a neuron spike - The Stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley process, periodic Harris recurrence and first steps towards statistical analysis
Eva Loecherbach       View:   Abstract      

Optimally Thresholded Realized Power Variations for Stochastic Volatility Models with Jumps
José Figueroa-Lopez      

Adaptive estimation methods for pure jump Lévy processes in high frequency setting
Fabienne Comte       View:   Abstract       Paper

Limit theorems for Levy moving average processes
Mark Podolskij       View:   Abstract      

IPS102: IAOS Journal Paper: Measuring indigenous populations across nations: Challenges for methodological alignment

Measuring Indigenou Populations Across Nations: Challenges for Methodological Alignment
Erica Potts       View:   Abstract      

Ethnicity, Race and Indigenous Life Expectancy in Aotearoa New Zealand
John Waldon       View:   Abstract      

IAOS Journal Paper: Measuring indigenous populations across nations: Challenges for methodological alignment
Brenda Elias      

IPS103: IASC President's Invited Session

Is it a computing algorithm or a statistical procedure: Can you tell or do you care?
Xiao-li Meng       View:   Abstract      

IPS104: IASE President's Invited Session: Implications of a data-rich, multivariate world: New needs and directions in statistical education

Implications of a data-rich multivariate world. New needs and directions in statistical education
Joachim Engel       View:   Abstract      

Implications of a data-rich multivariate world. New needs and directions in statistical education
Jim Ridgway       View:   Abstract      

IPS105: IASS President's Invited Session: Sample Surveys: Past, Present and Future Directions

Sample Survey Theory and Methods: Past, Present and Future Directions
Jon Rao, Wayne A. Fuller       View:   Abstract       Paper

Sample Survey Theory and Methods: Past, Present and Future Directions
Jon Rao, Wayne A. Fuller       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS106: IASS Journal Invited Paper Session

Design-based analysis of factorial designs embedded in probability samples
Jan Van Den Brakel       View:   Abstract      

AIC and BIC for Modelling with Complex Survey Data
Alastair Scott       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS107: IASC - CSDA Journal Invited Paper Session

Obtaining Phenotypic Data in Oncology via Natural Language Processing and Data Mining of Text Topics
Joyce Niland       View:   Abstract      

Sparse PCA for high-dimensional data with outliers
Mia Hubert       View:   Abstract      

Clustering longitudinal profiles using P-splines and mixed effects models applied to time-course gene expression data
John Hinde       View:   Abstract      

IPS108: ISBIS - ASMBI Journal Invited Paper Session

Sparse Bayesian Latent Factor Stochastic Volatility Models for High-Dimensional Financial Time Series
Hedibert Lopes       View:   Abstract      

IPS109: William S. Gosset ISBIS Lecture: Reliability in the 21st Century

Reliability in the 21st Century
William Meeker       View:   Abstract      

IPS111: Special Invited Lecture: The Evolution of Nonparametric Statistics

The Evolution of Nonparametric Statistics
Myles Hollander       View:   Abstract      

IPS112: IBS Session: Diversity in Biometry

Safety Monitoring and Evaluation in Late Phase Clinical Development
Jose Pinheiro       View:   Abstract      

Ecological applications of hidden Markov models and related doubly stochastic processes
Roland Langrock      

Making optimum design of experiments more useful in practice
Luzia Trinca       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS113: Special Invited Lecture: What is Perfect Simulation, and What Can it Do Perfectly for You?

What is Perfect Simulation, and What Can it Do Perfectly for You?
Nancy Garcia       View:   Abstract      

IPS114: Resampling Methods in Statistics

Resampling Methods in Statistics
Peter Hall       View:   Abstract      

IPS115: Advancing Women in Statistics: investigating and redressing the gender imbalance

Advancing Women in Statistics: investigating and redressing the gender imbalance: the case of South Africa and of the rest of the African continent
Jacky Galpin       View:   Abstract      

The evolution of women participation in research activities: A panorama in Mexico and Latin America
Lilia Ramirez Ramirez       View:   Abstract      

One glance in the history of the role of women in Statistics investigation
Terisita Teran       View:   Abstract      

Gender Issue What Is That?
Susmita Datta       View:   Abstract      

IPS117: Advanced random effects modelling of environmental and natural resources data.

Joint models with outliers and censoring
Lang Wu      

Assessing the eff ects of exposure during pregnancy on multiple outcomes
Ronghui Xu      

Analysis of serially correlated compositional sedimentary data
Guohua Yan       View:   Abstract      

IPS118: Modern Methods of Environmental Epidemiology: from Remote Sensing to Random Graphs and Social Media

Meta-analysis in Application to Tracking Re-emerging Infectious Diseases with Social Media
S. Ejaz Ahmed       View:   Abstract      

Big Data Opportunities: Use of Social Media Analytics for Forecasting Infectious Diseases.
Lilia Ramirez Ramirez       View:   Abstract      

Clustering Google Dengue Trends and Chikungunya in Central America: a data-driven nonparametric approach
Vyacheslav Lyubchich       View:   Abstract      

Adaptive Forecasting of a Re-emerging Disease Chikungunya in Central and North Americas with the Online Social Media Input
Yulia Gel       View:   Abstract      

IPS119: Spatial sampling:incorporating auxiliary information and multiple objectives

Assessing bias and efficiency of some area frame sampling strategies
Francisco Javier Gallego       View:   Abstract      

MCMC selection of spatially and doubly balanced samples
Roberto Benedetti       View:   Abstract       Paper

Efficient Prediction Designs for Random Fields
Werner Mueller       View:   Abstract      

Optimize Spatial Sampling Design through the use of Point Processes
Zhengyuan Zhu       View:   Abstract      

IPS120: Spatial Statistics for natural hazard modeling

Uncertainties in Tsunami Simulations from Uncertain Bathymetry
Serge Guillas       View:   Abstract      

Bayes linear uncertainty analysis for spatial hazards modelled by computer simulators
Michael Goldstein       View:   Abstract      

Hazard Analysis Using Data Reduction and Emulation Methods
Abani Patra      

Consistent kernel intensity estimation for inhomogenous point processes. Application to the analysis of wildfires registered in Galicia (NW Spain).
Wenceslao Gonzalez-manteiga       View:   Abstract       Paper

Modeling space anisotropy and non-stationarity via Partial Differential Equations
Laura Sangalli       View:   Abstract      

Uncertainty Quantification and Visualization for 3D Tsunami Model Outputs
Ying Sun      

IPS121: High-dimensional data: Challenges and opportunities

Mixed Model B-splines for high dimensional phenotypic data in plant breeding
Martin P. Boer       View:   Abstract      

Robust singular value decomposition with application to multi-location plant breeding trials
Paulo Rodrigues      

On the Possibility of Using Multivariate Singular Spectrum Analysis for the Mortality Forecasting
Rahim Mahmoudvand       View:   Abstract      

Preconditioning for sparse inference
Karl Rohe      

IPS122: Bayesian Analysis of Complex Survey Data

Bayesian post-stratification models using multilevel penalized spline regression
Qixuan Chen       View:   Abstract      

Selection of values to generate multiply imputed partially synthetic data for protecting confidentiality
Robin Mitra       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian inference for the finite population total from a heteroscedastic probability proportional to size sample
Sahar Zangeneh       View:   Abstract      

IPS123: High Dimensional Causal Discovery

Estimation of sparse directed acyclic graphs through a lasso framework
Judy Zhong       View:   Abstract      

Invariant Prediction and High-Dimensional Causal Inference
Jonas Peters      

Estimation of directed acyclic graphs from partial orderings
Ali Shojaie       View:   Abstract      

IPS124: New Developments in High Dimensional Testing

Large-Scale Multiple Testing with Multi-Dimensional Test Statistics
Kasra Alishahi       View:   Abstract      

Simultaneously estimating many effect sizes, frequentist selection bias, and the bootstrap
Noah Simon       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian Large-scale Multiple Testing for Dependent Data
Xia Wang       View:   Abstract      

IPS125: Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Analysis of Omics Data

Computational methods for comparative inference and analysis of gene regulatory networks
Sushmita Roy      

A Hierarchical Statistical Model based on Latent Genotypes for Genome-Wide Association Studies
Luis Carvalho       View:   Abstract      

Graph theoretic definition of cell types in high-dimensional single cell data
Manfred Claassen       View:   Abstract      

IPS126: Statistical Methods for Network Analysis

High-dimensional two-sample testing for exploration of biological network heterogeneity
Stadler Nicolas      

Inference in High-Dimensional Varying Coefficient Models
Mladen Kolar       View:   Abstract      

Fast Hierarchical Modeling for Recommender Networks
Patrick Perry       View:   Abstract      

IPS127: Modeling and exploratory analysis of functional data

A New Notion of Depth and Central Regions for Functional Data
Naveen Naidu Narisetty       View:   Abstract      

How to Use Functional Data Analysis Tools when Investigating the Feeding Behavior of Animals
Jan Gertheiss       View:   Abstract      

Flexible regression models for functional data
Ana-maria Staicu       View:   Abstract      

IPS128: Informing decisions with spatial-temporal models

Optimal control strategies for emerging epidemics on heterogeneous networks
Krishna Pacifici      

False Discovery Control in Large-Scale Spatial Multiple Testing
Brian Reich       View:   Abstract      

A Spatial-Temporal-Relational Point Process for Pairwise Event Data
Bailey K. Fosdick       View:   Abstract      

IPS129: Recent methodological developments in data-driven personalized medicine

Estimating optimal shared-parameter dynamic regimens with application to a multistage depression clinical trial
Palash Ghosh       View:   Abstract      

Estimating optimal shared-parameter dynamic regimens with application to a multistage depression clinical trial
Bibhas Chakraborty       View:   Abstract      

Efficient augmentation and relaxation learning for treatment regimes using observational data
Yingqi Zhao       View:   Abstract      

A cure-rate model for estimating the optimal dynamic treatment sequence following bone marrow transplantation
Erica Moodie       View:   Abstract      

IPS131: Karl Pearson Lecture: Statistical Estimating Functions and Their Biomedical Applications - The Story of Generalized Estimating Equations

Statistical Estimating Functions and Their Biomedical Applications; The Story of Generalized Estimating Equations
Kung-yee Liang, Scott Zeger       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Estimating Functions and Their Biomedical Applications; The Story of Generalized Estimating Equations
Kung-yee Liang, Scott Zeger       View:   Abstract      

IPS132: Measuring Economies using the ICP data: Regional perspectives

Asian Comparison: SNA-ICP consistency
Eileen Capilit       View:   Abstract      

Asian Comparison: SNA-ICP consistency
Eileen Capilit       View:   Abstract      

The economic complexity of African countries and opportunity costs of exporting unprocessed products using the ICP data
Nadege Yameogo       View:   Abstract       Paper

Comparative analysis of costs of some selected infrastructure components across Africa: Results from the 2011 International Comparison Program for Africa (ICP-Africa)
Abdoulaye Adam       View:   Abstract       Paper

Evolution of major African economies in light of ICP comparisons from 2005 to 2011
Yuri Dikhanov       View:   Abstract      

Income and price elasticity of demand for broad consumption items in African countries using the 2011 ICP-Africa results
Marc Kouakou       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS133: Reflections on the Green Growth Index for developing countries

Reflections on the Green Growth Index for developing countries
Maurice Mubila, Godwell Nhamo, George Kararach       View:   Abstract      

Reflections on the Green Growth Index for developing countries
Maurice Mubila, Godwell Nhamo, George Kararach?       View:   Abstract      

Reflections on the Green Growth Index for developing countries
Maurice Mubila, Godwell Nhamo, George Kararach?       View:   Abstract      

IPS134: The International Comparison Program: Results of the 2011 Round and the Way Forward

Beyond the 2011 round of the ICP: Recommendations of the ICP 2011 evaluation and the way forward
Nada Hamadeh       View:   Abstract      

Application of PPP exchange rates for the measurement and analysis of regional and global inequality and poverty
D.s. Prasada Rao       View:   Abstract       Paper

Effect of new benchmark PPP comparisons on the PPP time series
Alan Heston       View:   Abstract       Paper

Effect of new benchmark PPPs on the PPP time series
Alan Heston       View:   Abstract       Paper

Effect of new benchmark PPPs on the PPP time series
Bettina Aten       View:   Abstract       Paper

Making Sense of the Results of the 2011 International Comparison Program
Frederic Vogel       View:   Abstract       Paper

IPS135: State of the ISI Family II: Views from the Presidents of ISI, IAOS, IASS, and IASE

The IASS, what are we for and what are our main challenges
Danny Pfeffermann       View:   Abstract      

IASE and educational challenges in statistics
Iddo Gal       View:   Abstract      

Challenges for the IAOS in the Changing Environment
Shigeru Kawasaki       View:   Abstract      

IPS142: State of the ISI Family I: Views from the Presidents of ISI, BS, IASC, and ISBIS

The ISI Family: Accomplishments, Opportunities, and Challenges
Vijay Nair       View:   Abstract      

IPS138: The LISA 2020 Program to Build Statistical Capacity and Research Infrastructure in Developing Countries

LISA 2020:Impacting Agricultural Productivity in Tanzania through the Wheels of Statistics
Emanuel Msemo       View:   Abstract       Paper

Building Statistics Capacity in Nigeria Through the LISA 2020 Program
Olushina Awe       View:   Abstract       Paper

The LISA 2020 Program to Build Statistics Capacity and Research Infrastructure in Developing Countries
Eric Vance       View:   Abstract       Paper

Experience report about statistical collaboration in the Northeast of Brazil
Carla Vivacqua       View:   Abstract      

IPS139: G-O-O-O-A-L ? How does statistics contribute to making decisions and predicting success in sports?

Time varying rankings models to determine the greatest sports players and teams of all time
Ian Mchale       View:   Abstract      

Going downhill fast: The development of a rating system for Alpine downhill skiing and other multi-competitor sports
Mark Glickman       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian Approaches to Predicting Football Match Outcomes: Who will be the Champion?
Francisco Louzada       View:   Abstract      

IPS142: State of the ISI Family I: Views from the Presidents of ISI, BS, IASC, and ISBIS

Bernoulli Society: recruiting and engaging
Wilfrid Kendall       View:   Abstract      

IASC: Statistical Computing for Data Science
Paula Brito       View:   Abstract      

The Influence of ISBIS in the Evolving Environment of Business and Industry
David Banks       View:   Abstract      

IPS143: Mahalanobis Lecture: Development and Statistics - Challenges for the 21st Century Digital World

Mahalanobis Lecture: Development and Statistics -- Challenges for the 21st Century Digital World
Carlos Jarque       View:   Abstract      

IPS144: Statistics in Agriculture

Challenges and Opportunities in Producing Agricultural Statistics
Michael Steiner       View:   Abstract      

Modernization of agriculture statistics in support of the sustainable development agenda
Pietro Gennari       View:   Abstract      

IPS145: Special Invited Lecture: Large Dimensional Random Matrices - Some Models and Applications

Large Dimensional Random Matrices: Some Models and Applications
Victor Perez-abreu       View:   Abstract      

IPS146: Special Invited Lecture: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Big Data

Special Invited Lecture: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Big Data
Stephen Fienberg       View:   Abstract      

IPS147: Special Invited Lecture: Internet Surveys - Challenges and Opportunities

Internet Surveys: Challenges and Opportunities
Mick Couper       View:   Abstract      

IPS148: Special Invited Lecture: Past Development and New Directions in Physical and Computer Experiments - From Fisher to Taguchi and Beyond

Past Developments and New Directions in Physical and Computer Experiments: From Fisher to Taguchi and Beyond
Jeff Wu       View:   Abstract      

IPS149: Special Invited Lecture: Developments in Data Mining and Machine Learning - An Overview

Developments in Data Mining and Machine Learning: An Overview
David Banks       View:   Abstract      

IPS150: President's Invited Keynote Lecture

Google Tools for Data
Hal Varian       View:   Abstract