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SIPS028: Open Data: new challenges and opportunities for NSOs

Data, Accessibility and Openness at ONS
Roma Chappell       View:   Abstract      

SIPS040: Ethics in teaching and practicing statistics: Learning from real-life ethical dilemmas

An Ethical Issue Related to Teaching At the Undergraduate Level: The Setting
Katherine Halvorsen       View:   Abstract      

SIPS137: Professional Ethics: A Discussion

How can the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics strengthen in practice National Statistical Offices and statisticians - illustrated by scenarios/case studies?
Sibylle Von Oppeln-bronikowski       View:   Abstract       Paper

Professional Ethics: Perspectives from Academia and Industry
Vijay Nair       View:   Abstract      

The ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics: Academic experiences of the value of formal professional ethics
Jane Hutton       View:   Abstract      

Professional Ethics: A Discussion
Stephen Penneck       View:   Abstract      

STS001: Statistical analysis of the large structured data with temporal component

Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Methodology for Biosurveillance
Jian Zou       View:   Abstract      

Dynamic Multiscale Spatiotemporal Models for Poisson Data: Spatiotemporal dependence structure
Marco Ferreira       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian analysis for multi-subject time course RNA-seq experiments
Allison Tegge       View:   Abstract      

Nested Nonnegative Cone Analysis Method
Lingsong Zhang       View:   Abstract      

STS002: New Directions in the Analysis of Oral Health Data

Inference for Clustered Count Data based on Zero-Inflated Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution with Application to the Iowa Fluoride Study
Somnath Datta       View:   Abstract      

A marginal cure-rate proportional hazards model for spatial survival data
Dipankar Bandyopadhyay       View:   Abstract      

A multilevel model for spatially correlated binary data in the presence of misclassification: an application in oral health research
Emmanuel Lesaffre       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian analysis of augmented mixed beta regression models for periodontal proportion data
Victor Hugo Lachos Dávila       View:   Abstract      

STS003: Response Error Methodology for Personal Interview Surveys.

Predicting response error in multiple survey items
Barry Schouten       View:   Abstract      

Introduction to Latent Class Analysis with Applications
Paul Biemer       View:   Abstract      

Response Variance Estimation in Personal Interview Surveys with Several Interviewer Allocation Schemes
Inci Batmaz       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS004: Environmental Statistics: Recent Issues, Methods and Applications

Imputation of missing values for air pollution data in Malaysia
Yong Zubairi       View:   Abstract      

Analyzing Length or Size Biased Environmental Data
A. H. M. Rahmatullah Imon       View:   Abstract       Paper

The analysis of PM10 suspended particulate air pollution using several robust techniques: case study in an industrial area, Penang, Malaysia
Habshah Midi       View:   Abstract      

Robustness Issues in Environmental Data
Sohel Rana       View:   Abstract      

STS005: Climate change impacts on society and economy

Climate Change, Rain Fed Maize Productivity and Rural Malnutrition in Mexico
Marcelo Villarroel       View:   Abstract       Paper

Modelling and predicting residential water damage insurance claims in a climate change perspective
Ola Haug       View:   Abstract      

Measuring climate change in the UK
Glenn Everett       View:   Abstract      

Low cost GPS-wavelet-based methodologies to advertise climate and environmental extreme events
Eniuce Menezes       View:   Abstract      

A new approach to climate proof insurance industry
Vyacheslav Lyubchich       View:   Abstract      

STS006: Master sampling frame for agricultural surveys: Improving methods for linking area and list frames

Frames and Populations in a Register-based National Statistical System
Anders Wallgren       View:   Abstract       Paper

Brazilian Master Frame for Agricultural Statistics
Flavio Bolliger       View:   Abstract       Paper

Multiple Frames Surveys: a promising tool for agricultural statistics
Fulvia Mecatti       View:   Abstract       Paper

Combining list frames with different kinds of area frame
Elisabetta Carfagna       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS007: Agriculture and food security under climate change

Statistical Downscaling and the effect of the time-invariance assumption on growing season lengths, heat wave durations and other climate indices
Carlos Gaitan       View:   Abstract      

Climate change and variability in designing stable markets of agricultural products
Vladimir Afanasiev       View:   Abstract       Paper

Hydric deficit and socioeconomic impacts on irrigated fruit production in Brazilian semiarid region
Monica Pires       View:   Abstract      

Food security of Russia's population: with or without imports
Irina Eliseeva       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS008: Developing and Improving Sectoral Accounts

Integrating Balance of Payments and Sectoral Accounts in the Netherlands
Erik Bieleveldt       View:   Abstract       Paper

Developments related to the methodological changeover in the financial accounts
Béla Simon       View:   Abstract       Paper

Financial sector accounts and capital flows: The Chilean experience in their use for financial stability monitoring
Pablo Garcia Silva       View:   Abstract       Paper

Improving sectorial accounts of non-financial societies using micro-data on credit
Manuel Sanchezvaladez       View:   Abstract       Paper

Sectoral Accounts for the Euro Area - Improving contents and communication
Henning Ahnert       View:   Abstract       Paper

Implications of 2008SNA recommendations for the measurement of households' income and savings
Naoto Osawa       View:   Abstract      

Who-to-whom information in the financial accounts of Germany - compilation, challenges and its use for monetary policy
Manuel Rupprecht       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS009: Distribution Theory - still important, of course!

Log-location-scale-log-concave distributions for survival and reliability data
Chris Jones       View:   Abstract      

Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Fat-tailed Error Models Applied to WHO Health Data
Arjun Gupta       View:   Abstract      

Testing elaborated block-structures in covariance matrices by splitting the null hypothesis - an overview
Filipe Marques       View:   Abstract       Paper

Practical considerations often motivate models
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan       View:   Abstract      

The Prediction Error Distribution in ARCH Models
Evdokia Xekalaki       View:   Abstract      

STS010: Micro data for multipurpose data provision

Securities Holdings Statistics Database (SHSDB): The new ESCB micro database on holdings of securities
Markus Amann       View:   Abstract       Paper

European Reporting Framework - a possible solution to reporting challenges for banks
Johannes Turner       View:   Abstract       Paper

Uses and classification of financial information: A map for new requirements
Alejandro Gaytan       View:   Abstract       Paper

Using Confidential Supervisory Data for Supervisory Monitoring, Internal Analysis and External Research
Joseph Nichols       View:   Abstract       Paper

Use of Consumer Credit Data for Statistical Purposes: Korean Experience
Okja Yoon       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS011: Recent theories and applications on semiparametric and nonparametric statistical inference

Nonparametric confidence intervals for sensitivity and specificity from multiple raters
Hiroyuki Saeki       View:   Abstract      

Model selection and goodness-of-fit on models for causal inference
Masataka Taguri      

Comparison of block bootstrap testing methods of mean difference for longitudinal data
Hirohito Sakurai       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS012: Quality management in National Statistical Offices

Improvements on the statistical quality practices at the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Zélia Bianchini       View:   Abstract       Paper

Quality Management System and Further Challenges-Innovative Approach in Re-designing of the Statistical Business Process
Blagica Novkovska       View:   Abstract      

Improving the Production Process of the Irish Retail Sales Index (Satisfying Customers' Needs Using Lean Six Sigma Thinking)
Patrick Foley       View:   Abstract       Paper

Improving the management of statistical processes via the use of Quality Gates
Paul Schubert       View:   Abstract      

STS013: Disability: Challenges for Measurement and International Comparability

Rising or Declining? Trends of Disability and Functional Limitation under Different Measurements in Chinese Older Adults
      View:   Abstract       Paper

A Study of Disability in Asian Countries, with emphasis on Vietnam and Bangladesh
Daniel Mont       View:   Abstract      

The Proposal of the WG tested in three Latin American countries and its application in the 2010 Census Round.
Zulma Sosa       View:   Abstract      

Development of an Internationally Comparable Disability Measure for Censuses: Challenges and Opportunities
Jennifer Madans       View:   Abstract      

STS014: Statistical Data Analytics-Synergy between Academia and Business/Industry

Statistics in the Age of Big Data Challenges or Opportunities?
Nandini Kannan       View:   Abstract      

How Do We Move to the Middle? Meeting the Expanding Expectations for Statisticians in Business and Government
Robert Rodriguez       View:   Abstract      

Challenges in Data-driven Predictive Modeling for Oil&Gas Exploration and Production
Bianca Zadrozny      

STS015: New Urban Agenda and Statistics

Ranked set sampling: as a cost-effective and more efficient data collection method
Arun Sinha       View:   Abstract       Paper

Income mobility amidst China s urbanization - The case in Shenzhen
Qina Ye       View:   Abstract      

Sustainable City Foundation Key for Sustainable, Inclusive and Prosperous Cities Tool for the development and use of statistics for the new urban agenda
Gora Mboup       View:   Abstract      

STS016: Statistical inference for Levy-driven models

Least squares for stochastic differential equations driven by small Levy noises
Hongwei Long       View:   Abstract       Paper

Quadratic covariation estimation of an irregularly observed semimartingale with jumps and noise
Yuta Koike       View:   Abstract      

Efficient estimation of integrated volatility in presence of in nite variation jumps
Jean Jacod       View:   Abstract      

STS017: Population and Housing Censuses: Methodology, Technology and Innovation

Preparing for the 2020 round of international censuses of population and housing: reflecting socio-demographic, technological and methodological developments
Ian White       View:   Abstract       Paper

Towards the 2020 World Population and Housing Censuses Programmes: What can we tell from the lessons learned in the 2010 round?
Keiko Osaki-tomita       View:   Abstract      

Migration Research at the 2010 Round of Population Censuses in the CIS Member States: Analysis of Results
Irina Zbarskaya       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Australian Census - Innovations in Design, Methods and Technology
Duncan Young       View:   Abstract       Paper

Opening new frontiers in census-taking in Europe: To boldly go where no man has gone before?
Paolo Valente       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS018: Purchasing Power Parity Concepts and Methodology, A Multifarious Outlook

Subnational Purchasing Power Parities - Significance at National Level
D.s. Prasada Rao       View:   Abstract      

A Multi-Facetted Outlook at Purchasing Power Parities
Majed Skaini       View:   Abstract      

Updating Benchmark PPP for Non-Benchmark Years: A Cost Effective Alternative to the Conventional Full-Scale Exercise
Yuri Dikhanov       View:   Abstract      

STS019: The New Data Science: Statistical Analysis of Massive, High Dimensional Systems

Clustering Insider Threat Behaviour: An Ultrametric Anomaly Detection System
Pedro Contreras       View:   Abstract      

Hierarchical and Multilabel Classification of Protein Functions
Andre De Carvalho       View:   Abstract      

Analytics of Research Literature Quality through Content and Semantics of the Scholarly Literature
Fionn Murtagh       View:   Abstract      

Tuning of COSA for High-Dimensional Data
Maarten Kampert       View:   Abstract      

Textual Data Analysis and Supervised Text Learning: Challenges and Achievements
Mireille Summa       View:   Abstract      

Data Mining based approach for authors disambiguation in large citation networks
Abdelkader Zighed       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS020: Disability measurement: the development of census questions and survey modules to measure disability in adults and children.

The UNICEF/WG module on inclusive education ? measuring barriers and facilitators to education by children with and without disabilities
Mitchell Loeb       View:   Abstract      

The work of the WG in the development of valid, cross-nationally comparable disability statistics: history and accomplishments
Jennifer Madans       View:   Abstract      

Advances in the measurement of child functioning and disability
Roberta Crialesi       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS021: Risk and Extremes: Analysis, Dependence Modeling, and Prediction

Modelling the clustering of extreme river flows for hydrological risk assessment
Thomas Lugrin       View:   Abstract      

Predictor-dependent bivariate extremes: modelling and estimation
Miguel De Carvalho       View:   Abstract      

Temporal dependence in extremes with dynamic models
Dani Gamerman       View:   Abstract      

Extremes of Skew-Symmetric Distributions
Simone Padoan       View:   Abstract      

STS022: Bayesian Spatial modelling of global health issues in Sub-Saharan Africa based on complex survey data

Multivariate spatial point process models for analysis of patterns of urban malaria
Lawrence Kazembe       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian Weighted Regression Approach for Modelling Fertility Level in Nigeria
Samson B. Adebayo       View:   Abstract       Paper

Individual and contextual determinants of tobacco use and cigarette smoking in Kenya: a spatial analysis
Thomas Achia       View:   Abstract      

A spatial analysis of the effects of the integrated health systems strengthening programme on maternal and child health coverage changes in sub-Saharan Africa
Samuel Manda       View:   Abstract      

Co-distribution of malaria, fever, diarrhea and acute respiratory infection among children under the age of five years in Somalia
Damaris Kinyoki       View:   Abstract      

STS023: Measuring human rights

Statistics and Human Rights: The experience of the Statistics Office of Cabo Verde
Antonio Duarte       View:   Abstract      

Statistics and Human Rights: A Long-standing Relationship? Existing Roads towards Human Rights Statistical Indicators
Nicolas Fasel       View:   Abstract       Paper

Making Data Rights-Aware: the Progressive Realization of a Human Rights Approach in the Brazilian National Statistical System
Andrei Soares       View:   Abstract      

Human rights measurement in the Philippines
Lisa Grace S. Bersales       View:   Abstract      

STS024: Advanced Statistical Process Control

New control charts with memory for the monitoring of correlated counts with finite range
Athanasios Rakitzis       View:   Abstract      

New Statistics to Control the Process Mean
Machado Marcela       View:   Abstract      

Distribution-Free Phase I Control Charts Based on Multivariate Spatial and Signed Ranks
Giovanna Capizzi       View:   Abstract      

One-sided Control Charts for ZIB / ZIP Process with Estimated Parameters
Philippe Castagliola       View:   Abstract      

STS025: Recent advances in the likelihood methodology for complex models

Composite estimating functions and applications to imaging data
Peter Song       View:   Abstract      

Approximate Likelihoods
Nancy Reid      

Inference for generalized linear mixed models with sparse structure
Helen Ogden       View:   Abstract      

Tapered composite likelihood for spatial max-stable models
Sang Huiyan       View:   Abstract      

STS026: Design, Development and Implementation of Statistical Business Registers in Developing Countries

Statistical Business Registers: Underlying Concepts and Methods
Michael Colledge       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Business Register: Inputs, Processes and Outputs
Magrietha Gouws       View:   Abstract      

Development & implementation of a generic Statistical Business Register (SBR) system
Vikash Madhow       View:   Abstract      

Statistical Business Register (SBR): Design, Development and Implementation
Abdool Mungralee       View:   Abstract      

STS027: A New Statistical Framework for Measuring Global Flow of Funds

The Linkage between China's Financial System and the Real Economy: Based on From-whomto-whom Flow of Funds Account
Jingping Li       View:   Abstract      

Foundations of International Flow-of-Funds Accounts
Kazusuke Tsujimura       View:   Abstract       Paper

Is the short-term international capital flows a leading indicator? Evidence from China
Gang Shi       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring Global Flow of Funds: Conceptual Framework, Data Sources and Approaches
Nan Zhang       View:   Abstract      

Mapping the structure of the global flow-of-funds analysis
Yafei Wang       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS028: Modelling complex survey data and related administrative or unit record data.

A Unit-level Quantile Nested Error Regression Model for Domain Prediction with Continuous and Discrete Outcomes
Nikos Tzavidis       View:   Abstract      

Accounting for the Quality of Auxiliary Data Used in Small Area Estimation
John Eltinge       View:   Abstract      

Composite indicators of poverty in the small area case
Monica Pratesi       View:   Abstract      

Fine level estimates and future scenarios: What are the links and differences between small area estimation and spatial microsimulation?
Stephen Haslett       View:   Abstract      

STS029: Collecting High Frequency Panel Data in Africa Using Mobile Phone and Computer Assisted Personal Interviews

Collecting High Frequency Panel Data in Africa Using Mobile Phone and Computer Assisted Personal Interviews Study
Alvin Ndip       View:   Abstract      

Combining innovative survey methodologies to produce high frequency data: The example of Surveys Solutions and mobile phone surveys in Togo
Felicien Accrombessy       View:   Abstract      

Combining innovative survey methodologies to produce high frequency data The example of Surveys Solutions and mobile phone surveys in Togo
Felicien Donat E. T. Accrombessy       View:   Abstract      

Collecting high frequency data using a mobile phone panel survey
Elvis Mushi       View:   Abstract      

Introducing Survey Solutions: a computer-assisted personal interview software
Arthur Shaw       View:   Abstract      

STS030: Galaxy and related star formation history: multivariate statistical investigation

Galaxy and related star formation history ?Multivariate Statistical Investigation
Asis Chattopadhyay      

Cosmic history of integrated galactic stellar initial mass function: a simulation study
Tanuka Chattopadhyay       View:   Abstract      

Mutivariate mixed linear-circular galaxy data
Atanu Biswas       View:   Abstract      

Clustering with phylogenetic tools in astrophysics
Didier Fraix-burnet       View:   Abstract       Paper

Role of Measurement Errors in Astronomy
Tathagata Bandyopadhyay       View:   Abstract      

STS031: Latent Variable Analysis of Complex Survey Data: Approaches to Handling Item Missingness

Log-linear Analysis with Missing Data using Full Information Maximum Likelihood (FIML)
Biemer Paul       View:   Abstract      

Latent Class Analysis with Missing Data under Complex Sampling: Results of a Simulation Study
Marcus Berzofsky       View:   Abstract      

The Impact of Attemping to Reduce Item Nonresponse
Chris Skinner      

STS032: The use of paradata (survey process data) in response analysis, response monitoring and responsive design

Improving the Efficiency in Interviewer Call Scheduling: Analysing Final Outcome and Length of Call Sequences
Gabriele Durrant       View:   Abstract      

Assessing nonresponse bias using call record data with applications to a longitudinal study
Solange Correa       View:   Abstract      

Predicting Response Mode During Data Collection in the National Survey of College Graduates
Chandra Erdman       View:   Abstract      

Paradata on the 2010 Brazilian Census: Analysis of the field work supervision process
Luciano Duarte       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS033: Algebraic and geometric approaches to graphical models

Algebraic and geometric approaches to graphical models
Kayvan Sadeghi      

Con ning bipartite graphical models by simple classes of inequalities
Guido Montúfar      

The Hyper-Beta Model for Hypergraphs: Modeling Group Interactions in Networks
Stephen E. Fienberg       View:   Abstract      

Diferentially Private -model and synthetic graphs
Aleksandra Slavkovic       View:   Abstract      

Maximum likelihood threshold of a graph
Elizabeth Gross       View:   Abstract      

Generalizability in Causal Inference (out-of-sample policy forecasting)
Elias Bareinboim       View:   Abstract      

Fixed Points of the EM Algorithm and Nonnegative Rank Boundaries
Kaie Kubjas       View:   Abstract      

STS034: Emerging Topics and Technologies in Official Statistics

Recent developments in the preparatory arrangements for Egypt census 2016
Nehall Ahmed Farouk Mohamed       View:   Abstract       Paper

The use of mobile phone data and geo-spatial information
Hala Abou-ali       View:   Abstract      

Ronald Jansen       View:   Abstract       Paper

Data mining Applications in Official Statistics
Mohamed El-sharkawy       View:   Abstract       Paper

Egypt TS-Special topic session -ISI 2015 Emerging topics for European statistics in the Information Age
Mariana Kotzeva       View:   Abstract      

STS035: Inference for Time Series Models with Stable Errors and Outliers

Fast Approximate Likelihood Evaluation for Stable VARFIMA Processes
Nalini Ravishanker       View:   Abstract      

Principal Component Analysis with Outliers and Time Series data
Valderio Reisen       View:   Abstract      

Estimation for Infinite Variance Circular Time Series Models via Estimating Function
Aerambamoorthy Thavaneswaran       View:   Abstract      

STS036: Preference learning and aggregation

A new probability distribution for ranking data and application to the clustering of multivariate ranking data
Julien Jacques       View:   Abstract      

Ranking from Dyadic Encounters: Bradley-Terry Model, Extensions and Application
David Firth       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian Inference from Rank Data
Valeria Vitelli       View:   Abstract      

STS037: CCSA Session On International Statistics: Statistical Indicators For Monitoring And Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals

The role of International Organizations in monitoring food security
Pietro Gennari       View:   Abstract      

Statistical challenges related to financial inclusion: national practices and international initiatives
Michael Herrmann       View:   Abstract       Paper

Bruno Tissot       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring the New Sustainable Development Goals: Opportunities and Challenges for Human Rights
Nicolas Fasel       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring decent work beyond 2015: Adapting concepts to changing patterns of work
Rafael Diez De Medina       View:   Abstract      

Designing an Indicator and Monitoring Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Ronald Jansen       View:   Abstract      

The Fundamental Pillars necessary for a Modern National Statistical Service
Steve Macfeely       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS038: Improving the ICP methodology in emerging economies

Measuring the Industrialization Levels Using PPP Methods: A Global Perspective
Menggen Chen       View:   Abstract      

Methodological Issues in the ICP Theory and Data Use
Qiang Xu       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Construction of Complete Panels of Real Per Capita Income among Different Regions in China
Yan Wang       View:   Abstract      

Subnational price differences in large emerging Countries
Yingchun Zhang       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Construction of Complete Panels of Real per capita Income for Chinese Provinces
Zhongshan Yang       View:   Abstract      

Regional Characteristics and China inter-regional relative price level convergence
Lei Wang       View:   Abstract      

Measuring the industrialization levels using PPP methods:a global perspective
Menggen Chen       View:   Abstract      

The Construction of Complete Panels of Real per capita Income for Chinese Provinces
Zhongshan Yang       View:   Abstract      

STS039: New advances in astrostatistical research

An introduction to exoplanet detection and statistical challenges
Jogesh Babu      

How much do galaxies weigh{new Bayesian state space modelling of missing data
Chakrabarty Dalia       View:   Abstract      

Pattern detection and characterization for astronomical data through probabilistic modelling and statistical inference
Radu Stoica       View:    Paper

STS040: New developments in the measurement and utilization of food consumption data from household consumption and expenditure surveys

Impact of household budget surveys' design on the measurement of food consumption
Piero Conforti       View:   Abstract       Paper

Is shorter better? Juxtaposing recall periods for food consumption in Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys in Bangladesh and India
John Fiedler       View:   Abstract      

STS041: New ways to measure global value chains

New ways to measure upgrading in Global Value Chains
Ronald Jansen       View:   Abstract      

The puzzle of measuring Global Value Chains the business statistics perspective
Peter Bøegh Nielsen       View:   Abstract      

International Trade in Value Added: Some suggestions for improved and new indicators
Steve Macfeely       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS042: Non-standard Inference in Time Series Analysis

Study of Locally Stationary Estimators
Mauricio Zevallos       View:   Abstract      

Ricardo Olea       View:   Abstract      

Tests for non-cointegration based on the frequency domain
Glaura Franco       View:   Abstract      

STS043: Applications of mixed models to small area estimation

Applications of Mixed Models Methodology for Small Area Estimation in Mexico
Nikos Tzavidis       View:   Abstract      

Estimation of poverty in small areas under skewed distributions
Isabel Molina       View:   Abstract      

Triple-goal estimation of unemployment rates for U.S. states using the U.S. Current Population Survey data
Partha Lahiri       View:   Abstract      

STS044: Spatio-temporal modeling of environmental data

Optimal Design in Geostatistics under Preferential Sampling
Gustavo Ferreira       View:   Abstract      

Spatio temporal models for skewed processes
Alexandra M. Schmidt       View:   Abstract      

Dynamic Multiscale Spatiotemporal Models for Poisson Data
Thais Fonseca       View:   Abstract      

Policy optimization for dynamic spatiotemporal systems
Brian Reich       View:   Abstract      

STS046: Synthetic establishment microdata around the world

Synthetic Longitudinal Business Databases for International Comparisons
Joerg Drechsler       View:   Abstract      

Improving the Synthetic Longitudinal Database: Synthesizing Firms
Satkartar Kinney      

Noise Infusion as a Confidentiality Protection Measure for Graph-based Statistics
John M. Abowd       View:   Abstract      

Differentially Private Mechanisms for Publication of Establishment-Level Data
Ian Schmutte       View:   Abstract      

Using partially synthetic data to replace suppression in the Business Dynamics Statistics
Lars Vilhuber       View:   Abstract      

STS047: New Methods in Modeling Count Data

Using hurdle and zero-inflated models beyond the negative binomial for modeling count data with excessive zero counts
Joseph Hilbe       View:   Abstract      

Exponentiated-exponential geometric regression model
Felix Famoye       View:   Abstract      

Count regression models that simultaneously model heaping propensity via scaled distributions
James Hardin       View:   Abstract      

A New Maximum Likelihood Based Approach for Count Data with Over-Dispersion
Justine Shults       View:   Abstract      

STS048: Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI) Session - Safeguarding the integrity of statistics and independence of statisticians

How May the Fundamental Princuples of Official Statistics Safeguard Integrity and Interdependence?
Jean-louis Bodin       View:   Abstract       Paper

Use and abuse of Official Statistics in Latin America
Víctor Beker       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: Not just Governments ... getting inter alia the public and media involved
Iwan Sno       View:   Abstract       Paper

Statistics and Human Rights: The experience of the Statistics Office of Cabo Verde
Carlo Malaguerra       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS049: Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI) Session - The paperless population census: solution for the future?

The Paperless Census: the experience of Brazil
Antonio Duarte       View:   Abstract      

Americo Vicente Miranda Júnior       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Challengers of 2014 Census of Angola
Camilo Ceita       View:   Abstract      

Modern Technologies in Omani Censuses
Khalifa Abdullah Al Barwani       View:   Abstract       Paper

The Paperless Census: a viable option for the CARICOM countries?
Philomen Harrison       View:   Abstract       Paper

Using portable electronic devices in the 2011 Census in Uruguay
Laura Nalbarte       View:   Abstract      

STS051: Travelling towards a better measurement of tourism

Conceptional advances in measuring tourism at sub-national level
Alzua Aurkene       View:   Abstract      

Linking economic and environmental accounts to measure the impact of tourism

Measuring employment in the Tourism Industries in Brazil: from national to regional and local level
Brunno Ramos       View:   Abstract      

STS052: Measuring wellbeing and its sustainability, between indicators and models

Towards Sustainable Development Goals: Statistical and Policy Issues
Enrico Giovannini       View:   Abstract      

Aligning corporate sustainability reporting and official statistics in the context of the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Pietro Bertazzi       View:   Abstract      

Sustainability of wellbeing: the case of BES for Italy
Fabiola Riccardini       View:   Abstract      

Indicators for the smart cities: What do we need from a planning point of view?
Rudolf Giffinger       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS053: The challenges and obstacles in improving statistical literacy

Some experiences carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE, in promoting statistical literacy
José Matias Lima       View:   Abstract      

Establishing a Diploma in Official Statistics: Overcoming the potential challenges and obstacles
John Dunne       View:   Abstract      

Key success factors in improving statistical literacy: Experiences from the International Statistical Literacy Project
Steve Macfeely       View:    Paper

STS054: Extreme Values and Heavy Tailed Phenomena 1

Robust PCA and ICA for heavy tailed distributions
John Nolan       View:   Abstract      

Time-changed extremal process as a random sup measure
Gennady Samorodnitsky       View:   Abstract      

Inverse problems for regular variation
Jan Rosinski       View:   Abstract      

STS055: Modern Developments In Functional And High-Dimensional Data Analysis And Applications

Modeling Aggregated Functional Data
Ronaldo Dias       View:   Abstract      

Modeling Strategies for Developing Treatment Response Indices
Eva Petkova       View:   Abstract      

Biosignatures for Treatment Response Based on Functional and Imaging Data
R. Todd Ogden       View:   Abstract      

Recent Advances in Clustering High Dimensional Functional Data
Thaddeus Tarpey      

STS056: Big Data Analytics - experiences and perspective on education and talent training

Big data analytics education via a new cross-university collaborative program in China
Wei Yuan       View:   Abstract      

Teaching big data analytics by NOT teaching it
Ding Yuan       View:   Abstract      

The Role of Data Science in the Statistics Curricula
Deborah Nolan       View:   Abstract      

Rebuilding the foundations: statistical training in the 21st century
Matthew Parry       View:   Abstract      

STS057: Recent advances in applied probability and Monte Carlo methods

Tail Analysis without Tail Information: A Worst-Case Perspective
Henry Lam       View:   Abstract      

Rare-event Analysis for Extremal Eigenvalues of the Beta-Laguerre Ensemble
Gongjun Xu       View:   Abstract      

Exact Gradient Simulation of Stochastic Networks
Xinyun Chen      

epsilon-Strong Simulation for Multidimensional Stochastic Differential Equations via Rough Path Analysis
Jing Dong      

STS058: Statistics for stochastic processes: new trends created by computational implementation and machine learning

Approximate Bayesian model comparison of LAQ models
Hiroki Masuda       View:   Abstract      

Simulation and inference of CARMA and COGARCH models in R and the Yuima package
Stefano Iacus       View:   Abstract      

Hybrid multi-step estimation for non-ergodic diffusion processes
Masayuki Uchida       View:   Abstract      

Parametric estimation for fractional stochastic differential equations in the Yuima package
Alexandre Brouste       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS059: Functional data analysis for big data.

Modeling the evolution of dynamic brain processes during an associative learning experiment
Hernanrdo Ombao       View:   Abstract      

Variable screening in biothreat detection using weighted leverage score
Wenxuan Zhong      

Spline Smoothing with Applications to Tongue Shape Data Analysis
Yuedong Wang       View:   Abstract      

Conditional Spectral Analysis of Replicated Multiple Time Series with Application to Nocturnal Physiology
Robert Krafty       View:   Abstract      

STS060: Graphical models and Bayesian networks through applications

Graphical Methods For Detecting Dependence Using Copulas
Julieth Escudero       View:    Paper

Predictive Path Modeling and Probabilistic Networks for Multi-Block Data Analysis
Giorgio Russolillo       View:   Abstract      

Causal Business Analytics: Uplift models and directed acyclic graphs
Dominique Haughton       View:   Abstract      

Detecting Influential Observations for a Graphical Model
Jean-michel Poggi       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS061: Robust statistical methods for high-dimensional data

Algorithms for robust regression and variable selection in high-dimensional settings
Andreas Alfons       View:   Abstract      

Robust regression for large-scale neuroimaging studies
Virgile Fritsch       View:   Abstract      

Robust estimation of high dimensional Generalized Linear Models
Eunho Yang       View:   Abstract      

Robust generalized method of wavelet models for latent stochastic processes
Maria-pia Victoria-feser       View:   Abstract      

STS062: Statistical Modeling of multi-level multivariate data using Kronecker product structured covariance matrices

Developing near-exact distributions for likelihood ratio statistics to test for Kronecker product structures in covariance matrices
Carlos Coelho       View:   Abstract       Paper

Approximate methods for maximum likelihood estimation of multivariate nonlinear mixed-effects models
Wan-lun Wang       View:   Abstract      

Bayesian computational strategies for multivariate t linear mixed models with missing outcomes
Tsung-i Lin       View:   Abstract       Paper

Hypothesis testing in structured models using Kronecker products for variance components with constrains
Miguel Fonseca       View:   Abstract      

STS063: High frequency processing and streaming data analysis

A new strategy for monitoring spatially dependent data streams
Antonio Balzanella       View:   Abstract      

Novelty detection in data streams
Andre De Carvalho       View:   Abstract      

Data Stream Clustering
Elaine Faria       View:   Abstract      

Recent advances in functional data stream classification
Fabrizio Maturo       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS064: Employment and unemployment estimations: where do we stand?

Challenges in Measuring and Disseminating Employment and Unemployment Estimates : The U.S. Experience
Anne Polivka       View:   Abstract       Paper

Challenges in compiling employment and unemployment estimates the Australian experience
Van Halderen Gemma       View:   Abstract       Paper

Labor market in Brazil: indicators, methodologies and recent developments
Lilian Arquete       View:   Abstract       Paper

Enhanced statistics of employment and unemployment with model questionnaires
David Thorogood       View:   Abstract       Paper

China's Labour Force Surveys: Challenges and Future Developments
Nailin Feng       View:   Abstract      

STS065: Future of Official Statistics in the Arab Region in light of the Post 2015 Development Agenda

Impact of emerging concepts on official statistics on the road to post-2015 development agenda
Savas Alpay       View:   Abstract      

Post 2015 Development Agenda in Egypt
Abdel-aatty Ayat       View:   Abstract      

Post 2015 Development Agenda challenges to Official Statistics in the Arab Region - Sudan case as a post-conflict country
Yasin Abdin       View:   Abstract      

Institutional Building in GCC countries: The Achievements of GCC-Stat
Sabir Al Harbi       View:   Abstract      

The Role of National Statistical Offices in the Arab Region on SDGs
Ola Awad       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS066: Modelling and design of complex processes

Estimating a piecewise constant signal using quadratically regularized $L_infty$ estimation
Keith Knight      

Mixed Poisson Process with Pareto Mixing variable - Revisited
Pavlina Jordanova       View:   Abstract       Paper

Dimentionality reduction of multispectral images based on coefficients of spatial association
Ronny Vallejos       View:   Abstract      

Factorial Designs and Taguchi Method: Application to the study of light-cured composite resins, using R
Teresa Oliveira       View:   Abstract      

Star-shaped distributions: Euclidean and non-Euclidean representations
Wolf-dieter Richter       View:   Abstract      

Estimating the dimension of probability distributions
Klaus Poetzelberger       View:   Abstract      

STS067: Risk Analysis and Applications

Improving the extremal index estimation through combination of an heuristic adaptive choice algorithm and resampling techniques
Manuela Neves       View:   Abstract      

On risk assessment in cancer research, especially for nephroblastoma
Milan Stehl       View:   Abstract      

Monitoring risk using control charts based on the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution
Victor Leiva       View:   Abstract      

A Partially Reduced-Bias Class of Value-at-Risk Estimators
Maria Ivette Gomes       View:   Abstract       Paper

Enterprise Risk Management
Zeinab Amin       View:   Abstract      

An In-Depth Analysis of the Estimation of the Extreme Quantiles of Loss Distribution for Florida Public Hurricane Model
Sneh Gulati       View:   Abstract      

STS068: The roles of administrative data in official statistics

Tax Data in Official Statistics: Opportunities and Challenges
Michael Slyuzberg       View:   Abstract       Paper

The use of administrative data for statistical business registers and trade statistics
Ronald Jansen       View:   Abstract      

Emerging applications of tax administrative data in South Africa
Elizabeth Gavin       View:   Abstract      

STS069: Statistical spatio-temporal models for environmental risks

On generating a flexible class of anisotropic spatial models using Gaussian predictive processes
Sujit Sahu       View:   Abstract      

Spatial and spatio-temporal models for analysing land use raster data
Daniela Cocchi       View:   Abstract      

Spatio-temporal issues in environmental risk assessment and modeling
Lelys Guenni       View:   Abstract       Paper

Joint Modelling and data analysis of Wildfire Hazards
Giovani Silva       View:   Abstract      

Statistical surveillance of Earthquakes based on volunteer sensor networks
Alessandro Fasso       View:   Abstract      

STS070: Complex Stochastic Systems and their Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis of stochastic processes in social networks
Natalia Markovich       View:   Abstract       Paper

Large deviations and statistical analysis for queueing systems with regenerative input flow
Andrey Tkachenko       View:    Paper

Two-sex branching models in Genetics
Miguel Gonzalez       View:   Abstract       Paper

Applications of global limit theorems for simulation of a cell population evolution
Elena Yarovaya       View:   Abstract       Paper

Controlled branching processes: new result lines
Ines Del Puerto       View:   Abstract      

STS071: Modernisation strategies to enhance Official Statistics

Modernisation of Official Statistics – an International Perspective
Steven Vale       View:   Abstract      

A Business Architecture Model to support the Modernisation Project within the Italian National Institute of Statistics - Istat
Piero Demetrio Falorsi       View:   Abstract       Paper

Improvement of Business Architecture model at the HCSO - Experiences of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Csaba Ábry       View:   Abstract       Paper

Modernisation strategies in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), An Enterprise view of the future
Duncan Young       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS072: Smart Cities: from theoretical background to operational measurement experiences

Smart cities and official statistics-some ideas
Barteld Braaksma       View:   Abstract      

Measuring the Smartness of Cities - points to be considered
Faiz Alsuhail       View:   Abstract       Paper

Measuring multidimensional topics: the case of the Italian Smart Cities
Roberta De Santis       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS073: Agriculture Master Frame: beyond creation

Updating sampling frames for agricultural statistics: approaches, challenges and issues
Elisabetta Carfagna       View:   Abstract       Paper

A New Paradigm for Agricultural Statistics - A World Without Censuses
Frederic Vogel       View:   Abstract       Paper

Contemporary changes in the sampling frame for agriculture statistics in Canada
Jeffrey Smith       View:   Abstract      

Compilation and Maintenance of the Master Frames used in the United States Agricultural Estimation Program and Census of Agriculture
Jeff Bailey       View:   Abstract      

STS074: Apps and e-learning Resources for training in Official Statistics.

Capacity building in Statistics through e-developments
Bruno De Sousa       View:   Abstract      

Technology-based Learning Resources for Learner-Centred Training in a Learning Organization A Model for Sustainable Capacity Building for Official Statistics
Margarita Guerrero       View:   Abstract      

Apps for Statistical Literacy in Africa
David Stern       View:   Abstract      

Official Statistics Web Apps
Sharleen Forbes       View:   Abstract      

STS075: Information system of official statistics - main strengths and challenges

Challenges posed by globalisation: the case for future changes in the System of National Accounts
Peter Van De Ven       View:   Abstract       Paper

Dominika Rogalinska - Central Statistical Office of Poland
Dominika Rogalinska       View:   Abstract       Paper

Changes in the compilation process and IT system of the Hungarian financial accounts
Bela Simon       View:   Abstract      

Improving communication with users - Polish experience
Renata Bielak       View:   Abstract       Paper

Using Open Source Statistical Software in Official Statistics - the Example of Hungary
Dániel Kehl       View:   Abstract      

Challenges of the transborder statistics within the information system of the official statistics
Marek Cierpial-wolan       View:    Paper

STS076: Innovation in Agricultural Statistics: What Works in Developing Countries? ( Administrative Data, Data Collection Methods, and the Role of Technology)

Collecting the Dirt on Soils: Advancements in Plot-Level Soil Testing and Implications for Agricultural Statistics
Calogero Carletto       View:   Abstract      

Fantasyland: Comparing Subjective and Objective Measures of Farm Land Area in Household Surveys
Calogero Carletto       View:   Abstract      

Area level model approach to small or large area estimation incorporating auxiliary information
Jae-kwang Kim       View:   Abstract       Paper

Methodology for Improving Administrative Data for Use in an Integrated Agricultural Statistics System
Agnes Ssekiboobo       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS077: More than theory and methods: Preparing students for future work as professional statisticians

Practical experiences for modeling work as statistical collaborators and consultants
John Bailer      

Communication skills and research integrity for Master of Statistics students: blended learning experiences.
Geert Molenberghs       View:   Abstract      

Changing the Statistics Doctorate to create broader careers
Murray Cameron       View:   Abstract      

Authentically implementing and embedding the advocacy from statisticians and statistical educators
Helen Macgillivray       View:   Abstract      

STS078: Moving the Household Survey Agenda Forward: Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments in Developing Countries

Discrepancies in Migration Statistics and their Implication on Well-Being Measures
Valerie Mueller       View:   Abstract      

Skill measurement for large scale household surveys in developing countries
Rachid Laajaj       View:   Abstract      

How reliable are recall data on non-farm household enterprises financial records? Experimental evidence from Malawi
James Shaw       View:   Abstract      

The Who: experimental evidence on the effect of respondent selection on collecting individual asset ownership information
Heather Moylan       View:   Abstract      

STS079: National Statistical Systems between controversies and translations

Statistical and public controversies in today’s world.
Jean-pierre Beaud       View:   Abstract      

From primary data producer to derived statistics and beyond: the experience of the Brazilian Statistical Office in a changing world
Carmem Feijo       View:   Abstract      

Public Safety and Criminal Statistics
Renato Lima      

Silences and controversies on early brazilian censuses (1872-1900): from expected regularities to the politcs of precision.
Alexandre Camargo       View:   Abstract      

STS080: Advances in Small Area Estimation that Address Non-Standard Problems

Small Area Prediction for Discrete Data Under Spatial Nonstationary Model
Hukum Chandra       View:   Abstract      

A Finite Mixture Fay-Herriot Model for the Estimation of Regional Rental Prices
Jan Burgard       View:   Abstract      

Small area estimation by calibration methods
Risto Lehtonen       View:   Abstract      

A Robust ELL Methodology for Poverty Mapping
Sumonkanti Das       View:   Abstract       Paper

Smoothing, Clustering, and Benchmarking for Small Area Estimation
Rebecca C. Steorts       View:   Abstract      

STS081: Spatial Aspects Of Well-Being. A Cross-National Comparative Perspective

Well-Being and Modernization in China ?accounting for regional differentiations in economic development
Wu Yingjie       View:   Abstract      

SPATIAL ASPECTS OF WELL-BEING. A Cross-national Comparative Perspective: China, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.
Wlodzimierz Okrasa      

A nationwide study on Subjective Well-being Scale for Chinese Citizens
Xing Zhanjun       View:   Abstract      

Research of Subjective Well-being in Ukraine
Yulia Muzychenko       View:   Abstract      

Price and quality of life
Vasily M. Simchera       View:   Abstract      

Individual and Community Well-Being in Transborder Areas: Spatial Patterns and Regional Accounts - an exercise from Poland and Ukraine
Wlodzimierz Okrasa       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS082: Extreme values and heavy tailed phenomena 2

Super- vs sub-additivity shift in extreme quantiles of linear combination of heavy-tailed random variables
Marie Kratz       View:   Abstract      

Ruin probabilities with heavy-tailed streams of claims: multivariate and multi-index models
Ugur Alparslan       View:   Abstract      

Choice of Threshold With a View Towards Inference on Angular Distribution of Regularly Varying Data
Richard Davis       View:   Abstract      

STS083: Transborder statistics - a new domain of official statistics in globalized, opened market driven economy: theoretical foundations, methodological backgrounds, practical experiences

From separate statistics of transborder economics relations to the international standards of modern statistics for foreign trade: experience in the cross analysis and problems in system integration
Vasilyi Simchera       View:   Abstract      

Afghanistan-Pakistan Trans-border Economic Activities and its Challenges
Hasibullah Mowahed       View:   Abstract       Paper

Correlation of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods of modern transborder processes
Serhii Ustych       View:   Abstract      

Typology of transborder economies and the need of transborder statistics in globalized world
Jozef Olenski       View:   Abstract      

Towards coherent statistical systems of transborder areas - case study of internal and external Eastern border of the European Union
Marek Cierpial-wolan       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS085: Mediation Analysis: Innovative Practice and Methodology Development

Identification and Estimation of Causal Mediation Effects with Treatment Noncompliance
Teppei Yamamoto       View:   Abstract      

Mediation Analysis for Time-to-event Outcomes in Observational Studies
Joseph Hogan      

Mediation analysis in epigenetic studies
Lei Liu       View:   Abstract      

STS086: Integrating statistics and geospatial information - essential information for sustainable development

Importance of Integrated Statistical Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development
Rolando Ocampo       View:   Abstract      

Bringing together statisticians and geospatial experts to connect people with place
Gemma Van Halderen       View:   Abstract      

Spatial statistics on Web A joint project between the NSI and the NMA to improve usability of spatial statistics
Marja Tammilehto-luode       View:   Abstract       Paper

Integrating Statistics and Geography to Climate change vulnerability studies
Maria Do Carmo Bueno       View:   Abstract       Paper

jSTAT MAP: New geostatistics web service for small area statistics and its impact
Naoki Makita       View:   Abstract      

STS087: Mainstreaming environmental accounting

Testing SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting in South Africa
Amanda Driver       View:   Abstract      

Environmental Economic Accounting for Water In Brazil: Preliminary Statistics and Challenges for the future
José Antônio Do Nascimento       View:   Abstract      

European environmental economic accounts : statistical legislation and production in the European Union
Steurer Anton       View:   Abstract      

TThe System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) - International guidance on environmental accounting
Alessandra Alfieri       View:   Abstract      

Mainstreaming environmental accounting: Experience from the Philippines
Lisa Bersales       View:   Abstract      

STS091: ISI Jan Tinbergen Award Winners

Testing in Additive and Projection Pursuit Models
Arun Kuchibhotla       View:   Abstract       Paper

Zero-Modi ed Models for Count Data
Katiane S. Conceição       View:   Abstract      

A Bias-Corrected Approach to Rotnitzky-Jewell Criteria for Appropriate Correlation Structure Selection in Generalized Estimating Equations
Ajmery Jaman       View:   Abstract       Paper

STS092: Migration statistics and historical change in migration. Why and how global and local statistical evidence should be combined concerning historical change in international migration?

Migration to and from South-Eastern Europe: A demographic Overview
Heinz Fassmann       View:   Abstract      

Estimates of Global Bilateral Migration Flows by Gender Between 1960 and 2010
Guy Abel       View:   Abstract      

Estimates of Global Bilateral Migration Flows by Gender Between 1960 and 2010.
Guy Abel       View:   Abstract      

Migration patterns and historical development in Southeastern Europe since 1950
Attila Melegh       View:   Abstract      

Measurement of the absentees: a pilot survey to examine the emigrants
Zsuzsa Blasko       View:   Abstract      

STS093: Official statistics: process improvement and support to policy development and evaluation

Enhancing statistic production and operational efficiency through alignment of SOPs to GSBPM - SCAD's Case
Khaled Al Hashmi       View:   Abstract      

Developments in Income Disparity Measures in Hong Kong
Agnes Lo       View:   Abstract      

Statistics Help Decision Making
Wanda Yue       View:   Abstract